Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marathon Training:::: Week Three

Recommended Runs:  3 miles (T), 4 miles (W), 3 miles (R), 5 miles (S):::: 15 miles total
Actual Runs:  3 miles (T),13.1 miles (S):::: 16.1 miles total

This week was scheduled to be a step down week but I had already planned on running the Thunder Road half. This also happened during my first week of training (RnR Savannah). Hopefully it'll be fine. 

Friday morning I went to Alex's class, Yoga For Awesomeness, and as usual it was awesome! I really just wish I could go more often. With my work schedule I usually make it every other week. 

Are you running Kiley's Thanksgiving virtual race? It's free to participate and she has some great prizes up for grabs! Check it out here

Also check out the Hope Endures virtual 5K virtual race::::
Run in honor of Courtney's daughter Ashlyn, who was stillborn. Let's show Courtney our support!


  1. I'm so proud of how much you've been running (and majorly jealous, too)! Here's to an Awesome yoga class last Friday and many more! xoxo, L

  2. Awesome job! Keep up the good work! Erica

  3. Great training week Courtney! I'll be joining you for Hope Endures :)

  4. Hope you had a great day at yoga! You already know I'm planning to do both of those virtual races.

  5. Nice I love yoga!!! and I hope I can do these :) I can't imagine having a stillborn baby. That must've been an awful experience my heart goes out tot them xoxo