Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a stinker...

I walked in the door this afternoon and immediately knew something was wrong. Where is my big brown dog who always meets me at the door?

Oddly, he's upstairs and is apparently afraid to come down (FYI- Riley is a big baby. He gets froggy about the stairs every once in a while). I go get him to take him outside and find a few unwelcome 'presents' along the way.

I'm starting to get worried that he's sick and I call B-rad to let him know what's going on. Brad says, "I wonder if he got into his food?" Sure enough, I go check the thing we keep his food in and I find this:
That little big fat turd weaseled his way in the closet and got into his food. Then apparently ate so much that he made himself sick. Stinker.

He won't even look at me when he knows he's in trouble. It's a good thing he's so darn cute.

Does your dog do stuff like this?


  1. ALL THE TIME. she is always sneaking treats out of the pantry. and she hides her favorite bones in her crate so that she can have them during the day...what a freaking crazy. haha!

  2. @Julia

    little punks! it's a good thing they're so cute!