Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Weekend + Jack's Mannequin at the Orange Peel

This weekend has been just what the doctor ordered(Minus the fact that B-rad worked).

I had big plans to get up and run then catch the 930am spin class at the Rush then have the rest of the day free... Well I woke up at 932. Dangit. I knew how hot it would be outside, so what's a few more minutes to make a pre-run smoothie?
Because call me crazy but I don't think this is what Runner's World had in mind when they said to have a slushee type drink before your run:
And I may or may not have had these Friday night.

I trudged through my 5 miler. Literally. It felt like I was thigh high in mud or quicksand or something. I wasn't sure if I needed to do five since I did the 10K on Monday, but I get all finicky if I don't do my long runs (OCD much?).

Then I came home and did a whole lot of nothing. And it was AMAZING. I read US Weekly (I know it's trash but I love it) and some of my book. Then I started getting ready to go see Jack's Mannequin!!

Asheville has this great music club downtown called The Orange Peel and long story short, I always hoped that JM would make a stop there. Unfortunately it was super hot in there and the acoustics weren't that great either. But I had fun nonetheless. They played all my favorites plus a couple of new songs.

Sorry for the craptastic photos. You'd never know by my blog pics that I actually enjoy photography as a hobby! It's just so much easier to use my iPhone that lugging around my "real" camera. I'll try to do better, I promise.

This morning B-rad took me to get my car that I left downtown, ahem, then I came home and the bear and I had a movie day (are you noticing a trend?). We watched the third Twilight movie and Temple Grandin (so good and made me disgusted to think about eating cow anytime soon).
Best cuddle buddy ever. And yes that is half a Fathead on our wall. This is Brad's 'mancave' and that used to be Bengals QB Carson Palmer... well he used to be their QB anyways. His torso fell off the wall a few months ago and we have never gotten around to putting it back :)

Do you ever have lazy days weekends? As often as I can!
What are your go-to movies that you can watch over and over? Juno, the Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Van Wilder

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