Sunday, July 17, 2011

So lovely...

I was sofreakingexcited the other day when I saw that Julia at Pain, Pride & Perseverance had tagged me for a blog award. I seriously heart this girl (is that weird considering we've never met? yeah, probably). It's really funny how much we have in common and I love her upbeat attitude. She has been so nice to comment and encourage me. So thanks, Julia!
So let's see... Seven random things about me.
  • During our third year of pharmacy school, one of my best friends, Katie and I, organized and held a 5k race and health fair. We were co-chairpersons of the Heartburn Awareness Committee (don't be too jealous), the main goal of which was to screen people for heartburn. Katie was one of my two friends who trained for the ill-fated KY Derby Mini that first year (she has actually ran it twice since because she rocks!). Anyways, we had 12 booths at the health fair, we screened over 200 people, won the award for our region, and held a successful 5k (we called it 'Race Against Reflux') that is now an annual event! We are still pretty proud.
    Me & Katie
    My momma getting her BP checked at one of the booths
    One of Katie's friends, Rebecca Hammer, designed our logo, shirts, and racing materials. We did a white shirt for runners, and blue for volunteers.
    Screening my Dad for heartburn (my parents drove all the way to Lexington to support me, they're pretty amazing)
    We had overall awards and age group awards. Overall winners got mortar & pestles.
    There go all our runners!
  • My granny grew up in England (my papaw met her during the war and brought her to the US) and has family there and in Australia. She took me and my brother (Brad came too) to Sydney to visit in 2007.  
me and matthew

me and brad at bondi beach

at the opera house

the three of us at taronga zoo

taking the ferry into sydney harbor (harbor bridge in the background)

  • I hate pickles. HATE.

  • I met Brad in pharmacy school... Second year. Why not in first year? That's because he slept in class all day everyday. Not kidding. We met at a tailgate for a football game. He asked me to hold his hamburger so he could dress it (little did I know this should have clued me in to my future of having 349872024714 billion condiments in our fridge). While I was holding it he proceeded to say something 'cute' about me and one of his friends. So I dropped the burger and walked off.
from that day. little did we know

  • I hate being hot so I keep it super cold in the house. I usually need a blanket or hoodie, but I prefer it that way so it's cold at night.

also like to make super cute faces apparently
  • I was in a sorority (Pi Beta Phi) in college and I was mortified when I realized we were the 'party girls'. At our Bid Day party some handed me a beer that I proceeded to carry around because I hated the taste. As it happened, I met my soon to be best friend Shannon, who drank my beer for me so I wouldn't feel silly carrying it around.
she was the best maid of honor ever

  • I thank God everyday for my amazing family and the relationships we have.

    brad, me, mom, matthew, dad
     So there you go, way more than you've ever wanted to know about me! I hope we can still be friends :)

And now to pass the award to 7 more awesome bloggers. All you have to do is thank me, tell us 7 things about yourself, and pass along the love!


  1. omg...random...i was a pi phi at illinois state!

  2. @Melinda

    That's too funny! angels and arrows!

  3. you are seriously too sweet! thanks for the little shout out in your intro. So I have to admit it took some fast scrolling to get through all the UK gear in the pics ;) but I made it through and loved learning more about you! I think it is awesome that you organized your own race. i would love to do something like that. i HOPE WE CAN MEET SOMEDAY. are you going to run the KY derby race in 2012??? i am thinking about flying home for it and am so excited!!!

    i was in a sorority as well...we did not have that one at centre but I was a kappa kappa gamma! loved it!

  4. @Julia

    i hope we can meet too! i really hope i can run the derby race in 2012, we'll definitely have to get together if we're both there! we make it to lexington pretty often, but only get to louisville every now and then. we sometimes go to thunder and we just saw lady gaga in the YUM center not too long ago.

    we had KKG at UK, they had an awesome house!