Wednesday, January 29, 2014

what i'm loving wednesday:::: alex and ani bracelets

i cannot tell y'all how much i love these bangles that alex and ani make! i originally saw these when dorothy at mile posts shared them and i seriously fell in love. i love the idea of charm bracelets, but i don't like the traditional ones and brad hooked me up for valentines day last year and got me the B, C,  a dog paw (that also has the NYC skyline in the paw), and a black beaded one.

then after my full he got me this one:

i love how they look when you layer them! i think it's fair to say that i'm obsessed now. i gave some as Christmas gifts and they were a big hit!

you should definitely check them out! they do specials and put new bangles out all the time!

i really want a feather one next (just like cecilia at mommies run!):


  1. I love them. I think I have 6. Some days I wear them all, some days just a few. Travey bought me the sea shell for Christmas, it is for strength and beauty and because we got married on the beach in Maine.

  2. Off Topic: Courtney, I'm signed up to do the Spartan Sprint in March. Any advice for training? Is your brother doing it again this year? We hung a rope off our deck so I can practice rope climbs, and I made a spear to practice throwing. I'm worried about so much upper body stuff...
    By the way, congrats on your baby! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and don't be too concerned about your weight. As long as you're making good food choices, your body will take care if itself!

    1. yes he is running it again this year! i think just general strength training combined with running (running 1/2 mile, then doing burpees or pushups, then running again). practicing rope climbs, monkey bars, and the spear will help tremendously. those were the ones i struggled with! GOOD LUCK!

  3. You need the feather one! I love all of the ones you have. I need some more so they'll jangle :-)