Monday, January 13, 2014

looking back at my 2013 goals...

.: 2013 goals :.

.: running :.
  • finish a 30k to celebrate turning the dirty thirty [completed 1.13.13]
  • run a sub 2 hour half marathon
  • run a sub hour 10k 
  • finish a full marathon [completed 3.3.13]
  • maintain my mileage around 15-20 miles per week after the full. 
  • find my happy place again. [added 7.2013]
  • run consistently. [added 7.2013]
well, running in 2013 was a hit and a miss for me. i started strong, coming thisclose to my sub 1 hour 10k (seriously, i finished in 1:00:00), completing two 30k trail races and my first full. but while i finished that full with a smile on my face, it marked a huge change for me. i didn't crave the run like usual. i found myself dreading the run. so i made a choice... i took a step back. i hope that i'll find that desire again soon, but it's just not there right now. it is what it is. 

.: weight training :.
  • after the marathon, get back to a full out weight training plan [i've been doing a modified plan while my mileage has been increasing]. [back on track july]
  • i don't really care about lifting PRs, i mostly want to get back to the consistent schedule that i was in before i started bumping up my mileage. 
i started a new plan (with the same people i'd worked with before) in july (a back injury kept me out for a while). it sucked a big one. brad did the plan with me and we went to the gym at night. there were too many people there. there were too many weirdos that were super chatty that would not leave us alone. and beyond that, i didn't see the results i wanted. i wanted to lose weight and gain lean muscle, not compete in a figure competition. my coach wasn't helpful at all. just like he wasn't helpful when i started stepping up my mileage for marathon training earlier in the year. when i got frustrated i got some really a-hole type emails back from him. and i was done. that's not how i do things. 

.: reading :.
it's almost laughable how terribly i failed at this whole category. i didn't read a single book from the top 100 novels list. i'm still not through the old testament of the Bible. i did read 10 non fiction books, so there's one :)

.: spiritual :.
  • join a connect group at chuch [sunday school class] [we're connected!]
  • finish beth moore's 'john:  90 days with the beloved disciple' [completed in april]
  • pay more attention to where God's leading me. 
  • make spending time in the Word a priority. [added 7.2013]
we joined a connect group in january and it was great. then our teachers moved and we went without a consistent teacher for over 3 months. it kinda sucked.  hopefully we can find a new group in 2014. 

but i was really happy with everything else in this category. not all of the goals were measurable, but i feel like i made a lot of progress. 

.: everything else :.
  • limit computer time to 30 minutes a day on work days, an hour on any other days. [i'm doing pretty good on work days, but with blogging and other responsibilities, an hour just isn't cutting it when i'm off]
  • lose the last 5 pounds... then MAINTAIN. 
  • get my butt back to where i was last december. [added 7.2013]
the computer things was a good idea, but was a LITTLE extreme. on the days i worked, it was good though. i just want to find a goal that helps me balance the time i spend on my laptop. any ideas? 

i managed to get within 5 pounds of where i was last december. i found something that worked for me, and that was a combination of weight watchers and pure barre. obviously, i couldn't continue weight watchers once i realized i was pregnant, but i was really happy with the progress i made in this area. yes, i wish i'd gotten my sh*t together sooner, but i didn't. 

all in all, i don't feel like i accomplished all that much in 2013. which is weird, because i did do a lot of things. either way, i'm pumped and ready for 2014. and that post will be up and ready to go tomorrow :)


  1. I hate going to the gym at night. That's when all the creepers come out:/ I stick with mornings when the moms and the elderly are there;) Sorry about the jerky coach:(

  2. weird about your weight lifting coach turning into a jerk, all and all I would say it wasn't a bad year. It wouldn't be any fun to meet all your goals anyway right?