Tuesday, January 28, 2014

17 weeks pregnant...

late again! posting this the day before i'll be 18 weeks. hopefully the baby will not take after it's mommy and be late ;)

my symptoms:  this has been a great week for me, nothing too noticeable!

weight:  i don't really want to talk about it this week ;)

gender:  hopefully we'll find out on february 5th.

maternity clothes: still in a mixture of regular and maternity clothes. i'm in maternity clothes in my picture. they're so comfy!

movement:  i didn't feel a lot this week. i have had a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen this week so that's where i feel like the baby is. but that could be all in my head. 

sleep:  i finally broke down and ordered a pregnancy pillow, and i swear it might be the best $65 i've ever spent. i can't sleep through the night, but i feel supported and my body doesn't ache when i wake up. 

cravings:  grilled cheese, watermelon, sweet tarts

what i miss:  nothing yet. 

appointments:  none this week

questions/concerns:  none this week

goals for the week:  workout 5 days


  1. Looking good! Head on over to my blog for a giveaway of that awesome bag I posted on Instagram:) It could double as a diaper bag;)

  2. Shew I am so behind in Blogger land.....Congrats!!
    I also hate I missed out on the sock exchange, I'm doing better this year!

  3. I've been craving grilled cheese too, but there is no way that I am pregnant :) You look great!

  4. I have heard the pregnancy pillows are the best. My sister loved hers! You look beautiful, as always!