Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Last Couple of Days in Maui

Yeah this is super late. Sorry. But anyways, I wanted to record the memories. [Quick Tangent-- do you find it hard to remember things from like, 5 years ago?? Wondering if I'm the only one.]

So we drove back from Hana and made our way to the Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea. We scored an amazing deal for this hotel [they are renovating]. It was super nice but very upscale. Even during happy hour the drinks were like 10 bucks a pop. Brad and I of course improvised...

Umm yeah. The Hana condo owner left us this complimentary bag, so we put it to good use. And you better believe we marched our butts straight to the pool and killed them. It was a little awkward walking through the lobby because the bag was definitely dripping. Nothing but class.

The hotel was really nice. We got lei's (sp?) here!

The room was awesome although it was hella far away from the pool and everything else (but like I said we got a huge deal). I really wanted to steal the pillow from the room.

One nice thing was that they had a suite that we got to use when we first got there (and on our last day) because our room wasn't ready. We got to change into our suits so we could enjoy the day. On the last day we had a super late flight, so we got to enjoy the pool and beach all day, then shower and get ready in that room. Super nice.

The only lame thing was their gym. It only had 3 or 4 treadmills. Our room was bigger than the gym. On the last day I didn't want to workout, get sweaty, then have to put my stinky clothes in my bag. So again, I improvised.

Yeah, I showered in my clothes, then hung them outside. Looking back, I guess I coulda washed them in the sink, but where's the fun in that?

We ate at Spago (Wolfgang Puck) one night and we also went to the spa at the Grand Wailea (amazing!!). We usually like to eat pretty cheap (the whole first week we cooked at the condo) then pick one or two nice restaurants. Spago was great and like all the restaurants, amazing open air seating.

I LOVED this trip and was so sad to come home.


  1. I love your Maui recaps -- I'm so glad you both had such a great time!! I seriously love your pictures:)

    PS: Spa Grande is the beeeeest!!!

  2. That makes me want to go back to Maui so bad! It is such an awesome place!

  3. I stayed at the Grand Wailea. AMAZING. And the spa was by far the best I have been to. Too bad I can't afford to go to Maui every year!

  4. Oooh this makes me crazy jealous! I love the improvising. We have definitely done that a time or two!

  5. you all may be geniuses. no really...that ice idea!?! amazing.