Monday, September 12, 2011

Road To Hana, Hawaii 2011

So I'm completely slacking in my Hawaii recap. I've finished two:
Kaanapali Beach
Traveling and Fishing Trip

After 5 great days in Kaanapali we packed up for the road to Hana. The Hana Highway is a beautiful coastal drive that's about 52 miles long. But get this, there are about 50 one laned bridges. (Not exaggerating, Wiki says 46 of them). I loved getting to see the coast and hiking to see the amazing scenery, but I hated driving and riding on this road. It made me NERVOUS, but it was worth it.

We stopped at several places along the way.

When we arrived in Hana we checked into our condo then went out to find some food. We stopped at the Hasegawa general store and drove around a little.
On Sunday we got up and went to a few places in and around Hana. A few waterfalls, a national park, and a red sand beach.

It was definitely one of the coolest parts of our vacation. We saw so many things that we'd never seen before. Beautiful.


  1. So glad you went to Seven Sacred Pools and hiked Waimoku Falls! Did you go all the way to the top? Btw, BEAUTIFUL pictures:)

  2. WOW. your pics are so amazingly gorgeous!!!!

  3. Wonderful photos! You listed some of my favorite Hawaiian places to visit. The beauty is breathtaking.

  4. yep its officaly I do not like you (says the jealous girl on the internet!!)

    loosk wonderful and I have to go now! next year I am going to start planning a trip!