Monday, November 7, 2011

Let's Start Over... My name is Courtney

To those of you who are still reading or forgot to delete me from your google reader... I'm Sorry and Thank You. I have been a craptastic blogger lately, but today is a new day and I've got lots to share! It's weird because usually I don't post because there's nothing really going on, but lately I've been overwhelmed busy and I keep thinking that I need to do some catch up posts. So that'll start now and I'll quit making excuses!

1.  So first, I've signed up for something awesome. May have bitten off more than I can chew but that seems to be how I get stuff done. Are you ready?

I don't know if I'm more excited or scared... I have been dying to do one of these races but something is always getting in the way. So I jumped all over this when I saw it and am rounding up as many people as possible to be on my team. It's in Charlotte, NC on March 24 and you know you wanna join me!!! Email me at if you're interested. I will be doing a post with more details in a few days.

2. Brad and I went to Nashville, TN this weekend to watch the Bengals play the Titans. Since we've been married we have tried to pick one Bengals game a year to go to. We've seen them in Baltimore, Charlotte, and twice in Cinci. I've never been to Nashville and I loved it!! Loved all the live music and the line dancing. [Quick tangent: They were having a Ragnar Relay! I was sooo freaking jealous of all the cool kids walking around with their medals. Made a decision on the spot:  I will run a Ragnar in 2012! ] The game was great the and Bengals won!! WHO DEY
i love wayfarers but i hate the way they sit all high on your head like that when you aren't wearing them. dumb.

it was a little sunny

our new QB1, Andy Dalton

my crush, #40 bryan leonard. don't tell brad just kidding he had to listen to it the whole game. he left in the 4th with a knee injury, hope he's ok!
3.  So I started my new job last week (part of the reason I've been so crazy). It's going to be a great change, but as with any change I get a little worked up. I felt like I didn't know where anything was or how to do anything (which is really hard for me, I like to know what I'm doing and do it well). But I know that part will come with time. It was hard for me to leave CVS because I'd been with them for almost five years, but I'm very excited about my new job and think it's what God wants for me.

4.  I went to the gym this morning (yes, I got up at 730 on my day off, this is an accomplishment in and of itself!) and did a 50 minute spin class followed by a 50 minute body pump. I've missed group classes so much! It's weird though, I feel like our gym has majorly cut back classes. I'm going to look into that and also look into my contract with them. I go to the Rush now, but the Y is a lot closer and who knows, maybe they have more classes.

5.  It's almost time for the HBBC!! Have you signed up yet?

6.  Thanks to this awesome chick and her amazing shopping skills, I have an erin condren planner headed my way. Why am I so excited? You need to go see for yourself. That is, if you're a huge planner, nerd, geek like me. I am so picky about planners and this one has everything (and yes I'm really this excited about a planner): it has tabs for each month, weekly and monthly views, lol I could go on and on but I'll spare you. I saw these a few months ago but despite my desire to have one overnighted to me immediately so I could begin color-coordinating my life, I had to check myself before I wrecked myself. They're 50 bucks. Then Jenn comes along and shows me a way to get one for $7.50. Customized and delivered. Love her.


  1. My friend Courtney wanted me to do a Tough Mudder with her this month but I'm mortified to get crap all in my eyeballs and in my mouth. Ick. I'm a pretty tough person though so we'll see. I wanna see how yours goes first!!

    I watched part of the Bengals game on TV yesterday! Do you miss Ocho Cinco at all?? What a character!

    Are you planning on running the Derby Full or Half in April?

  2. umm how did you get that for $7.50? please share!

    I wanted to sign up for a tough mudder, but no one would rally - maybe next fall, I would like to try one soon though!

  3. 1. I did a bad knock off of a mud run and still had a lot of fun. I think you will have a blast.
    2. I hear about these RAGNAR relays all the time, but there aren't any near me. And most of my friends dont like to run enough to do something like that. blah.
    3. YEAAAAAH for a new job. I'm sure starting new is tough, but hopefully it will be a great change for you!
    4. What is the HBBC? I want to join!!!!!!
    5. I'm obsessed with the erincondren planners. How did you get it for 7.50??????

  4. ahhhhh!!!!! what a fun weekend trip!!! i would LOVE to go to an NFL game some day! and that race looks so freaking fun! jealous!!!! congrats on the new job!

  5. I am emailing you about the Spartan Race! What a fun thing to do!
    I have been wanting to do something like that!

  6. Omg, Jenn's boyfriend and his brother did a Spartan race earlier this year. Check her past posts for the scoop!

    He and Allan (my hubs) might seriously want to join you in Charlotte. Allan's brother lives outside of Charlotte and he and his wife are due to have their second child in March. This could be perfect!

  7. LOVE YOU TOO, GIRL!! =)

    PS: the bf & his bro LOVED the Spartan Beast -- he thinks he's invincible now!

  8. um i agree how did you get this for 7.50 because i am a crazy ass planner :)

  9. okay one that spartan race looks like so much fun, I wish I could travel that way and participate with you all! We are big Bears fans so I understand a love for a team, fun you travel around to see them!