Saturday, November 26, 2011

HBBC Week One

So I've decided to work on a post all through the week to keep up with my HBBC points, then I'll post on Saturdays. That way I'm not posting daily just to list my workouts (and let's face it I'll never post daily because that requires too much thinking!)

Saturday - Ran 5.5 miles and stretched/foam rolled/abs for 20 minutes (6 points)
Sunday - Stairclimber for 20 minutes (I'm considering this high impact because I sweat buckets during this) and 15 minutes elliptical (3 points)
Monday - 50 minute spin class, 60 minute body pump class (8 points)
Tuesday - Stairclimber 20 minutes, walked 2 miles, 60 minute body pump class (7 points)
Wednesday - a whole lot of nothing
Thursday - Turkey Trot 5k, walked another 5k with Rileybear (6.2 points)
Friday - Walked 1.8 miles, Biked 3 miles (2.8 points)

Total points for Week 1:  33 points


  1. I feel like such a lazy ass just reading all that you've done. Body pump sounds tough. I don't get why I can run a marathon but am scared of body pump! Go figure.

  2. Nice job on the workouts!! My friend just got certified as a Body Pump instructor...I still haven't been to one, they don't do it at my gym. Nuts! :) Thanks for the nice comment, have a fabulous weekend. Your wedding pics are gorgeous btw, and I love your dog, he's a cutie. Jessica

  3. That's a whole ton of working out! Well done. I managed a measly 12 points!

  4. great job!! my points for the week are fairly lacking :)

  5. Awesome first week! Keep up the great work!

  6. Great job on week 1! I love body pump!!

  7. Great job on week 1! I have got to write down Week 1 points for myself!

  8. Great job! (And I can't imagine the stairclimber for that long!)

  9. This is a great idea. I have a hard time keeping track of my points for HBBC. Oh, and awesome week of workouts! :)