Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween 5K

Daily Vitamin F

I LOVE Halloween!! I've got lots to share from today but first I wanted to post my Halloween 5K finish. Kiley over at Daily Vitamin F is hosting a series of virtual races throughout the holidays and the first was for today! If you missed out today, go check out her site, she's doing three more throughout the next few months, and the prizes are awesome so don't miss out!!!

 Sookie Stackhouse standing on the tub prior to my run. Classy photo right?

After my run, I forgot my bib at home!

I'll post some better costume pics in a while, plus you can see Brad and Riley's costumes and our pumpkins too!


  1. yeah!!! you rocked the run! great job friend! i totally spaced the 5k! but will make up for it on Thanksgiving hopefully :) can't wait to see your sweet pup in costume...i luckily spared my Riley. She better be grateful. ha! submitted my apps last night and have 3 potential NC sites!!! woooo hooooo! if i get any interviews there I will have to let you know and maybe we can meet up :)

  2. Congrats on the race girl that is just awesome!

  3. Love your costume! I love True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse books!

  4. Great job on the race and I love the costume! I found your blog via the Halloween 5k. Excited to follow you now!

  5. i love what we will do to get a self portrait!