Thursday, October 13, 2011

I can bend and not break... Versatile, right?

The incredibly funny and beautiful Jenn, who blogs at Jenn's Adventures passed a blogger award my way! I found Jenn's blog while researching our trip to Maui and have been hooked ever since. I'm convinced that we'd get along great if we ever got to hang out. She's an Auburn fan (go SEC), loves her purses and is a fan of tailgating on Saturday mornings (those fall Saturdays ruin us for the rest of the year, right?). So take some time to go check out her adventures! THANKS JENN!

So here's how this works:
  • Thank and link back to the person who passed it to you.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass along to 15 fellow bloggers.
Seven things about me...

1.  FALL is my favorite season of the year, but I am really grossed out by all the pumpkin flavored stuff that's everywhere. Eww, sick nasty. Almost as gross as pickles. Let's just stick to carving them, shall we? Here's Brad with his Bengals pumpkin a few years ago:

2.  I have this habit of finding myself in extremely awkward situations. I think it's partly because I spend so much time at work having to think before I act or speak (to avoid being sued, and/or fired). When I'm not at work I don't like to think, so I don't... too much.
This particular incident involved a man shoving a goat (named Princess) into my hands and demanding to take a picture of us. Then he asked us for a 'donation' for Princess.

3.  I cannot sleep in socks.

4.  I had a really awkward conversation with Brad's mom the other day. She was talking about how she and Bruce (my father in law) were out to eat and there were all these high school students dressed for homecoming at the restaurant. She was talking about how risque the girls dresses were. I haven't shown her pictures, but I did explain what I wore to prom. Here's JR and SR year:

She's trying to figure out how she can divorce me now... I kid.

5. I was prom queen... In the light blue dress. Kids these days.

6.  A McDonalds diet coke or a Sonic diet cherry limeade can turn my day around. Bring one to me while I'm at work and we'll be BFFs.

7.  I love to read. I know it's really weird but I can spend hours in a Barnes and Noble and be perfectly content. I also think we're incredibly lucky to have libraries. Not to go all Good Will Hunting on you, but it's true, to a certain extent. There's a world of knowledge right at your fingertips. And it's free to everyone. I think it's one thing our government has to be proud of.

PS - if you'd like 7 more random facts about me you can read this post.

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  1. I love this! I hate sleeping in socks too! Thanks for awarding me :)

    I just did this a couple weeks ago but didn't really follow the real rules. I wrote 7 things that happened to me that day just to switch it up a bit! Maybe I will do it again because I think 2 other people awarded me with the same thing!!

    Sweet prom dresses ;)

  2. LOVE THIS!!! And love your girlie --- you are making me blush:) I love your random facts -- and seriously, where were you guys with the goat?!?!

    PS: we really would be bff's in real life -- I used to spend so much time B&N I should have rec'd paychecks! ;)

    PPS: SMOKIN' HOT JR/SR photos!

  3. I think people who can sleep in socks are not right in the head :) I am also a hopeless book reader. I can waste away more free time reading when I should be cleaning or cooking. I just really love to read!

    Love the prom pictures and dresses. I was a prom queen too! :)

    Thanks for the tag!

  4. Love it! Thanks for the tag! Jenn tagged me too and you were one of the people I was going to tag if she hadn't already taken you!

  5. thanks for the tag! :) oh gosh, my prom dress was on of those huge sparkly pink cupcake looking ones with a tight sequined top and huge tulle bottom :) so not the style now.

  6. Aahh! I've been tagged! Thanks girl!

  7. thanks for the tag!!! ahhh! hate sleeping in socks. you are gorgeous! awkward situations are the spice of life ;)

  8. Thanks for the tag lady!! Such a fun game! I wrote one a while ago, but it was when I had just started this thing, so perhaps there will be an updated one soon...marathon edition maybe?

    I hate sleeping with socks on, I always end up losing one at the end of the bed somewhere!

    My prom dresses were pretty risque in the chest area...they were both mermaid? style, like tighter through the bodice and let out towards the bottom...

  9. Thanks for the tag!!

    I totally love fall and umm socks in bed, no way!! I love to read also, had to take a break with the kids but I am back to loving it!!

  10. Thanks for passing it along!! I usually don't win much :)

    I too am a huge fan of the cherry lime aid! It's got this bubbly bite to it that just satisfies!! They should have them at the finish line!