Sunday, October 23, 2011

Get Your Sh*t Together Sunday

So this is something new I'm trying out. Like I've mentioned before, I do well with goals and plans once I make them. It's just the making them that I've been struggling with. So why not have a day once a week that I make plans for the rest? Thanks to my new job I won't be working anymore Sundays!!! Giving me time to attend church AND start a series with a curse word in the title. Something's wrong here.

Monday: 2 mile run, NTC workout
Tueday: 2 mile run, NTC workout
Wednesday: work 12 hours
Thursday: work 12 hours
Friday: 2 mile run
Saturday: ziplining with fam, elliptical
Sunday: rest day

I'm doing a sort of bridge/maintenance running routine for awhile. I'm doing Kiley's Halloween 5k and then I'm going to do a Turkey Trot 5k here in Asheville.
check it out!!!

What are planning to get done this week?
Have you started picking out races for 2012 yet?


  1. hahaha love your intro.. church on sundays and curse word blog post :) thanks for linking to the virtual race.. i'm going to go check it out!

  2. I have not started thinking about 2012 that much yet, I should get my sh*t together! i will have to check out that virtual run!

  3. I actually did pick my first half marathon of 2012, March 10, 2012. I love planning for next year, maybe we can meet up and run a race together!

  4. My plan for the week is Week 2 of P90X and 3 days of running .

    I've been thinking about 2012 for weeks with planning my 12 half marathons in 2012 goal. You should join me :) I still need to decide if I'm going to run a marathon and which one.

  5. Love the title-it made me smile! My Sunday nights are usually for weekly planning. In the past this was very effective but once I slack off a couple of weeks then things get crazy. Hope you have a great week!