Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend RUNdown

First I just wanted to share what Andrea shared with me. She suggested using Google Chrome as my web browser to avoid the white screen of death... And so far so good (Sorry Internet Explorer, we had a good run but it's time to go our separate ways!).

So I've not been posting a lot because I haven't been up to much because I've felt so crappy. And I didn't want to post nothing but complaints. But I'm pleased to report (and thanks for those of you who checked up on me!) that I'm getting back to normal!

I also made a big attitude adjustment on Tuesday night.

Could I go to the gym and complete all my runs as scheduled? No. Stuff happens and life gets in the way. But what could I do? I could concentrate on my nutrition in an effort to give my body what it needed to heal but also to work on my weight loss that I've pushed aside. I've starting using the Livestrong My Plate app to track calories, exercise, etc. It's really helping so far. I'll definitely post more about it in the upcoming weeks.

So I've been stressing about my first half of 2012 that's coming up in 3 weeks... I've even had two bad dreams about it! In one I have on my trail shoes for a road race and in another I start running the race 2 hours late. NOT NORMAL. I think the stress is mostly because I've felt that I couldn't prepare because I've felt so crappy.

But the clouds parted on Saturday (the proverbial clouds, not the real ones... it has done nothing but rain here!) and I completed 8 miles on the treadmill (slowly but surely).

SO HAPPY! Then I cuddled up with the foam roller like it was my job, because I know my body wasn't going to appreciate the 8 mile beat down.

Sunday I was super lazy and only left the house for church and a quick trip to Lowe's. Other than that we watched a million more episodes of Big Bang Theory. I LOVE lazy Sundays!!!


  1. I love lazy days too! Good job with your 8 miles and I hope you feel better:) try not to stress. This one race won make or break you. There's always another one around the corner.

  2. woohoo for getting the 8 miler in! you are going to be fine, 3 weeks is plenty of time to get ready for your race! i need to switch motivations with you - i can never get the nutrition thing right. :) i just got into big bang theory this year, and watched them all in about a month :)

  3. Our PC is Internet Explorer, the laptop is Google Chrome. You wouldn't believe the difference I see in certain websites between the two browsers! IE sucks bongo's (as my son would say)! Good luck with the training! And I love Big Bang Theory too! Howard is my fav! LOL

  4. Great job on getting in your run and foam rolling! I think snow is way better to run in than rain any day.

    I should try swtiching to chrome too, I have heard good things about it.

  5. I know that stressed out feeling. I use to have dreams like that too. I would get super nervous weeks in advance. Crappy stress. You can do the half and worst case scenario is walking which is nothing to fear. I've done it plenty o' times! You're gonna be doing it and that's what counts! We love you for a PR or no PR! :)

  6. nice job on the 8 miler! i get the same type of dreams when I am stressed...hope things are calming down for you and that you can get prepared for that half stress-free!

  7. You're going to do great!! You got this!! :)

    And I love lazy Sundays too.

  8. Nicely done on your run! I may have to check out Google Chrome, I'm still having issues with the "white screen".
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. So glad Chrome worked for you! Since we moved to gmail at work that is my automatic troubleshooting question now. It's annoying but I have 2 or 3 browsers open at work to get all the different apps to work.

    I also get nervous on my first big race of the year but you will do great!

  10. Great job on the 8 miles. I know what you mean about stress. My half is this weekend and I feel totally unprepared. Life and weather decided to interfere with my training plan. Plus, it's at night! Not a fan of night races.

    I recently started foam rolling and LOVE IT!

    In 3 weeks you're going to be ready! The dreams made me laugh because it sounds like dreams I would have :)

  11. great job on 8 miles, i am need to get my mileage up again I havent passed 6.5 miles in a long while.

    Seeing you foam roll is making me jealous! haha i need a new one. I plan on going to my chiro to get one because his are nice and cheap!

  12. Awesome job! I was having problems to with the white screen. So annoying!! I get.nervous on races to. Usually the night before though.

  13. Hooray for an 8 mile run! That's awesome!