Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love Getting Things In The Mail!!

I went to the gym today after work and knocked out 4 miles on the treadmill. {Pet peeve:  Standing at the front desk waiting for the girl to scan my key card for 5 minutes. Seriously. I understand you're on the phone but say it with me, "Multitask."} It is killing me to have to run inside during this awesome January weather. But there's no way I'm running the dark by myself. 

When I got home I found a package from CLICK. I'm so excited to try this out tomorrow morning and so thankful to SUZ for having such a great giveaway!!

It's been a great mail week! Yesterday I received this beautiful baby:

iFitness is sponsoring our 12 in 2012 effort! I already have one iFitness belt (double pouch that I purchased at the expo for my first half marathon) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! I was so excited to get this cute one!! More coming on it later but Riley just had to model it for y'all:
No he doesn't have cataracts, that's just the flash! lol

Have any of you all every been to Tybee Island? Any tips/secrets/random information that you'd like to share would be greatly appreciated. I've never been and we're trying to plan a vacation!


  1. I just got my I-fitness belt too. So excited! Great job on your treadmill run. Coincidentally, my youngest son's name is Riley:)

  2. Riley looks very cute modeling the belt! Hope you enjoy your CLICK. You'll have to let me know what you think!

  3. yum the click is so good! I haven't tried out the ifitness belts but it looks good on your dog! Yay for fun things in the mail!

  4. Click is pretty good stuff! I drink it from time to time!

    I have never been to Tybee but I know people who have and they said they had a great time. I'm not sure what all the good things to do there are :(

    For a second I thought that they made pouches for your dogs to carry your stuff for you while on a run...which, seems pretty awesome too :)!!!

  5. I love the pouch on the dog! Did you post it on the ifitness FB site? Really cute!!

  6. LOVED Tybee Island. Steve & I kayaked around there a couple of years ago. There is a kayak shop either right as your getting on or getting off the island. We had dolphins jump up around us it was so cool.

    There are some really cool cottages there & some let you have dogs. I have always wanted to go back but haven't made it yet.

    BTW I tagged you in the 11 post :-)

  7. I feel the same way about my (now) 3 iFitness belts! Let us know what you think of Click.

  8. I love my ifitness belt! So random and coincidental that we are both thinking of going to Tybee Island!