Sunday, January 1, 2012

Running into 2012... Well and walking some too.

Today I particpated in two virtual races. I ran/walked a 5k to participate in the last of Kiley's virtual races.
A big thank you to Kiley for hosting these races throughout the holidays. I've really enjoyed them and they've helped me get up and at 'em on several days that I'd normally just be lazy!!
Ugliest race picture ever. Thanks Brad.

The second race I was participating in was Amanda's Resolution Run.

I can't even begin to thank Amanda for hosting the HBBC. I have consistently worked out throughout the holidays and this was a great way to step into the new year!!

It says "get balanced" but I'm thinking it should have said "take less horrible pictures."

I ended up doing 7 miles total (thanks Teen Mom for sucking me into a time warp. I'm going to be screwed when it's time to run outside again).

I'm not sure of my time because I accidentally hit the blanketly blank emergency stop 1.5 miles in and it restarted the treadmill. It also jarred the hell out of my neck so I've subsequently spent the rest of the night on the couch with my friend the heating pad. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow, so sick of this!!


  1. I hope your neck feels better soon, but great job with a long run!

  2. Thanks for the thanks! I'm glad I could motivate ya, that was my goal...well, to motivate everyone (not just you;)

  3. great job fitting in both races and getting in 7 miles!! Happy New Year!

  4. hope your neck is feeling better! Good job with your run, why to start the new year.

  5. Hey!! Is that football I see going on in the background on tv??

    I woke up yesterday morning with a stiff neck. Must be something in the water :) Hope yours is feeling better!

  6. Dang! I hate the treadmill; I always hit the emergency stop, too.

    We both have the nerdy need to be organized gene! Yay! That is why I love New Year's so much.

  7. haha. just laughed at coy's comment about football. so easy to get distracted by sports on the television...haha. for the record i am still mourning the streak of louisville losses in the past week ;) way to rock the running lately! and the TM runs at that!

  8. Sorry about the neck thing but good you got in some running.!

  9. I think I've got you beat for the worst race pic.
    I'm doing 12 in 2012 too and am excited to follow along with you. Happy Running!

  10. Oh my gosh, I was JUST on the treadmill and I hit the emergency stop in the middle of my run. It's SO frustrating!

    So glad to have stumbled across your blog - new reader here!