Monday, January 16, 2012

Really Random Monday

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY?

Thank you all so much for your feedback on my amazing race scheduling. When I first realized what I'd done I had a major freak out. When I told Brad he replied, "Oh that is not a good idea, you do not need to do that." So there it is in writing so he can say I told you so if he needs to! I'm just going to train and see how I feel and go from there (I think I'm going to do it, SHH don't tell him!).

Brad and I did some shopping after church yesterday and you should really go to Dick's Sporting Goods if you're out. It's clearance time, check it out:
3 pairs of Nike tempo shorts and a pair of UA shorts for 33 dollars!! They had a lot of shorts in really bright colors and at 7-8 bucks a pop you can't beat it!

When I was younger I drank a glass of milk every night with dinner and with breakfast most mornings. I've really gotten out of this habit and over the last few years I rarely drank milk, so a goal I made this year was to change this. I'm trying to drink a glass a day!

I'm doing pretty well so far, the only problem is that when I have a big glass of milk I want something like this to go with it:

I picked this up for Brad at the mall but he had picked up his own snack (pretzel) and didn't want it. And YOU KNOW I wasn't just gonna throw it away. Twist my arm. If I can just keep from buying OREOS I should be okay :)

I'm really happy that I've been able to start working out again this week. I've been struggling over the past few weeks with my neck, bronchitis, and this weird rash on my face that turned out to be SHINGLES!?! They think it's actually what was causing my neck to hurt so bad. Completely random. Just it case you're wondering what shingles looks like:

And it's starting to dry up here, it was quiet the mess a few days ago. YUCK!

I hope you all are having a great Monday so far! I'm going to shower and go meet my momma for lunch!


  1. Wow, shingles? I'm glad they figured it out and that you are on the mend. Awesome deal on the shorts! I love good deals:) That cookie looks amazing by the way.

  2. Oh man! I hope everything clears up soon! I am also taking clases like crazy right now. I am LOVING it :)

  3. holy shingles!! I've never seen that before, I never would have known!! Looks painful girl.. I hope you kick that STAT! Aloe Vera Gel has been my miracle worker these days, I bet it'd heal that patch right up -- especially if there is any scars.

  4. Ouch, shingles look painful. Hope that heals up soon!

    Great deal on the shorts!

  5. Oh no...that looks painful. I hope you get better but hey, on the other hand you got some really cute shorts for cheap.

  6. Ouch, shingles on your face! I had them on my neck (a small patch like yours) but they only itched, I felt very lucky! Hope yours heal quickly! Great score on the shorts, too bad I've got no Dick's nearby to go shop!

  7. oh ouch, shingles, I hope it clears up soon!

    Okay I need to go to Dicks ASAP!

  8. Thanks so much for your comment and input on the Zone bars. I love them but next time definitely going with something else before a long race/run. I hope you start feeling better, my brother in law got shingles when we found out he was deployed to Irag. Had to leave wife and four kids. My sister then got it too while he was gone from the stress of having him at war. Good luck with that. Love your new about an awesome deal!!

  9. You really scored with the shorts at Dick's! Those were a steal. Hope your rash/shingles gets better soon!

  10. I'll drink milk every once in awhile and like you, I have to have a cookie with it!!

    I had shingles back in July of this year! I had an extremely bad case. And when I say bad, I mean bad. It started on my left butt cheek, sorry for the image but it moved around to the left side of my stomach and down my left leg. I looked like I had third degree burns from a house fire! No lie. Be thankful that yours is limited like that! I feel for ya! Big time!

  11. ouch - that looks painful. I know a few people who have had shingles, and it sounds really awful. I feel for you!

    Great score at Dick's sporting goods!

    Milk and cookies = awesome!