Sunday, October 2, 2011

Runway 5K at the Asheville Airport and a Great Weekend

Saturday I got up early and drove down to the WNC Ag Center to take a bus over to the AVL airport for the first annual Runway 5k. I went really early because we had to take the bus over, and you never know how that'll play out. The buses were super efficient (unlike the Run on the Wildside) so I had about and hour and a half to kill before the race. They had some planes out for us to look at:

It was FREEZING. This was my first run in the cold and it was challenging, especially with the crazy wind. It was pretty cool to run on the runway though. This was the first time for this race and I really hope they continue to have it. We even got technical shirts:
Unfortunately, I didn't finish under 30 minutes. My time was 32:47. But that's okay, just gives me something to work on. I was sooo on track to finish under 30 but I crapped out around 2.2 and had to walk for a minute.

I came home and made waffles for me and my little brother (my family came to visit!!!!). Then we got to work (Brad was at real work). Let me just tell you... My family is AWESOME. My mom pressure washed my front porch, dad and Matthew cleared off this forest in our backyard, and I mowed the yard. I wish I had a before picture, but here's the after:
This is a crap iPhone pic (what else would you expect from me?) but basically before they did this, the forest started right behind my garden. They chopped down trees and cleared all the brush. AMAZING.

Then we cleared the flower beds in front of the house. No, I don't require all my guests to do manual labor. I promise.

After we cleaned up and Brad got home, we went to Pack's Tavern in downtown Asheville.
It's a cool place with a lot of history (they made moonshine here during prohibition). We had some drinks and apps while waiting for a table. At some point during this, Brad tells me that mom and matthew had just taken a shot of everclear... WHAT?!? I misheard, they had actually had a sample of Pack's signature drink, the Orange Crush. Then all hell broke loose. I kid. But we all (minus dad who was our DD) ordered them. They were delicious! Tasted like an orange cream slushee. They were made with 10 cane rum, everclear, and Tang.

Here's my little brother (and his beard) and his drink. If you look past him you'll see mom's drink too and the magical slushee machine that spits these things out. Needless to say we all slept great last night.

Matthew is a powerlifter by the way. I don't have any weights but he used Riley to get some reps in:

They went home today and I'm sad :(


  1. That drink sounds like something my husband would love. It also sounds like a "one and you're done" drink too!

  2. What a fun weekend!! Congrats on the race it sounds like a fun one.

  3. Looks like a fun weekend and a beautiful place to run.