Friday, May 20, 2011

Biltmore Classic 5K/15K Race Review

This was the 13th annual running of the Biltmore Classic. The race proceeds benefit Kiwanis International Children's Charities. In previous years the race has been run at the Biltmore House (kinda sad I missed that), but this was the first year at a new location, the North Carolina Arboretum. I have been interested in the Arboretum as a potential place to run, but have put off going because they charge $8 a car to park. I'm not $8 interested.

You might have guessed from my earlier post, but my biggest complaint about the race is the generic website. Very little information. I'm new at this and I'm a nerd, so I want all the info I can get. But everything else was pretty great. It was a cool morning, I arrived and got checked in very easily. We were given T-shirts and Earth Fare coupons. They had the one of the buildings open so we had good bathrooms and could hang out in there until it warmed up. I walked around the grounds a little bit (had to see if it is worth the parking pass!!), and it was beautiful!

I loved the water features and all the beautiful flowers. Plus, I found out that they have LOTS of trails for running/walking/biking. The website says 10 miles worth. The race started right on time and the first half mile was downhill (which I loved, except I knew that the start line was also the finish so i knew we were coming back up them at some point). About a mile in the terrain switched to gravel, which was different. I just tried to concentrate on not tripping.

The distance wasn't marked well, but I had my Nike+ to give me an idea of the mileage. I didn't pay attention to my pace, so I was very happy when I got close to the clock and saw 32 minutes. After the race they had bagels, bananas, orange slices, water, Coke Zero, some chocolate/peanut butter bars and some animal crackers. Pretty good for such a small race. I also really enjoyed being able to go back and wait for the 15K runners.  I decided right then and there that I would not be running the 5K next time... 15K here I come.

I also think I'm gonna purchase the annual parking pass and do some training on all the hilly trails in the arboretum. It'll be good prep for the ACT Half.

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