Thursday, May 15, 2014

a whole lot of randomness

is it totally horrible that i stood in world market for like 30 minutes the other day debating on whether or not i should buy some of these adorable little champagnes to put in the fridge at the hospital for when baby m comes? the ones on the right even say 'bambino' on the label! i didn't get them, i decided if momma can't have it, no one else can either ;)

this little girl is in heat right now and you cannot imagine how it's changed the dynamics of our household. holy hell, it's what i imagine hormonal teenagers would be like. we aren't planning on breeding her or anything but our vet said it lowers the rate of osteosarcoma in GSDs if you wait and let them go through one heat cycle. one heat cycle and no more!

i cannot quit eating watermelon. i craved it early on in my pregnancy and it was hard to find good ones. now they're everywhere and i cannot get enough!

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