Monday, April 7, 2014

catch up!! 26.5 weeks pregnant

^^25.5 weeks pregnant^^

my symptoms:  i'm experiencing what i'm pretty sure is sciatic nerve pain. it's only on one side and it comes and goes, but i have to be careful putting all my weight on my right leg because when i'm stepping a certain way it literally can just give out because of the pain. and given my current state of imbalance, that's just no good :)

wednesday i woke up with a lovely patch of shingles on my face. that's the third time in two years if you're keeping up. as soon as i'm allowed i'm getting the zostavax, insurance be damned. 

weight:  i haven't weighed myself in almost a month. here's hoping i don't pass out when i see the number at the doctors office today. 

gender:  it's a GIRL!

maternity clothes: all the time minus scrubs, some dresses, and workout clothes. we'll see how long that lasts. 

movement:  she's all over the place. it's so fun and reassuring to feel her throughout the day. 

sleep: i still have back pain if i sleep flat, so i sleep on a slight incline and it seems to help a lot. i've actually been sleeping through the night!

cravings:  sweet tarts

what i miss:  doing unmodified workouts!

appointments:  glucose test today. please pray i pass. 

questions/concerns:  i feel like i've gained too much weight.  

goals for the week:  get outside and walk! the weather has been awesome!

achievements from the past few weeks:  we picked up the crib and got it put together! completed my 100th pure barre class!


  1. Great job at Barre! Oh man, I always thought shingles only happened to old people:/ Maybe I should get that shot.

    1. i always thought that too, until they happened to me!

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)