Monday, May 19, 2014

zone perfect blog forward challenge #2 :::: an update on my goals and a giveaway!

it's time to check in with the goals i made for myself at the beginning of the year in this post... How could I have made better choices (or did how did I make better choices) regarding them.

.: fitness :.

  • join the 100 club at pure barre by the end of march. I made it into the 100 club on april 3rd... pretty darn close!
  • continue to work out at least 5 times a week until the big day. i did really well with this through the end of february then i fell off a little. i have hit 3 days a week consistently, but it's time to step it back up. kind of. i think today MIGHT have been my last official pure barre class before the baby. but i'm planning on walking at least 5 days a week. 
  • i don't want to make a bunch of post pregnancy goals as far as this category goes. i've never had a baby before, and i'm not going to pretend i know how i'll feel afterwards. i hope to get my butt back into pure barre for the bounce back after baby program. and i hope to run some races in the fall. but we'll see. haven't had a chance to mess this one up yet!

.: health :.
  • stay within a healthy weight gain range for me (15-25 pounds). well this one has not went so well. i know myself and i really should have been more proactive about this. i went through a spell when i could only stomach certain things and those things weren't exactly healthy. my MD is perfectly fine with my weight gain, so that's good. i have a horrible habit of either being on a diet or being full blown off a diet. so i'm either losing or gaining. NOT GOOD. 
  • join weight watchers after the baby is born. this will happen. 
  • aim for 100 ounces of water a day. i've done really well with this one.
  • keep a healthy snack on me at all times! this one too, i keep a zone bar in my purse at all times!

.:  spiritual :.
  • finish reading the Bible. still plugging along. almost to the new testament!
  • join another connect group at church. epic fail. 
  • begin volunteering at church. done and done. i work the coffee counter every fourth sunday!
  • find a book about praying for your children and put it to good use. i need a big old smack on the hand for this one. priorities... this needs to be one!

.:  everything else :.
  • date my husband. life gets crazy, we get into routines, not all of them good. i want to make more of an effort to make him feel special and loved. i think we've both been doing really well with this one. i guess you'd have to ask brad to be sure ;)
  • journal about my pregnancy and then the baby's life at least once a week. i might do it on the blog, i might just type it in a word document, i might just write it down in my planner... but i want to write it down. i should've done better about this, but between the blog, instagram, and FB i think i've kept up with it pretty well. 
zone perfect sent me this really cool portable charger and they also included one for me to to share with you all! 

leave me a comment below telling me about a goal you've done well with this year  and that'll get you entered. i'll pick a winner on Saturday night!

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  1. I set a goal to do yoga at least three times a week this year and so far I have done it mostly 4 times a week and it has helped my back and I am back to running :)

    1. christy will you email me your address? you won the charger!

  2. I set a goal to start blogging more, which I've started doing (yay)! You've been a HUGE inspiration to me in that regard!

    As for post-baby know that we can be jogging/pure barre/race buddies! I'd love that!

    1. yay for blogging! can't wait to follow along and count me in for post baby workouts!