Friday, April 4, 2014

let's try this whole blogging thing again...

i go thru phases in my life just like i'm sure everyone else does. the last 3 months (and maybe even a few before that) are what i like to call my "blogging is  chore" phase. i found myself getting stressed by the amount of things i needed to do, so less important things started getting cut. And let's be honest, spending time writing a "running" blog when i'm not really running is just not at the top of the MUST DO list.

i've had plenty of time to mull it over and had to consider some blunt truths. i write this blog for myself (you'd have to be pretty damn narcissistic interesting to write a blog about your life for others) and while it takes up some time, i love the friendships i've formed, the accountability, and being able to look back on how far i've come.

the blog is obviously going to under go some changes in the next few months. there'll be a lot more pregnancy updates/getting ready for baby posts/freaking the eff out posts (you get the picture) and a lot less running posts.

but i think that's one of the beautiful parts of life... change is inevitable. so hang around if you'd like to follow along as i continue to change and go through my phases ;)


  1. I can't wait to follow all of your changes and phases :) I wouldn't miss it!

  2. Funny, sounds like we are going through the same blog feelings:) Happy to follow along on your journey!