Sunday, September 15, 2013

summary sunday

one of the main reasons i started this blog was that i wanted some accountability with working out. well, there's not been any of that lately because i haven't been posting regularly! so in an attempt to get back into the groove (blogging and working out), i present summary sunday... where i'll recap my workouts from the previous week.

the week of september 9-15

Monday:  pure barre
Tuesday:  pure barre, 3 trail run/walk (ran 2, walked 1)
Wednesday:  pure barre
Thursday:  pure barre
Friday:  pure barre
Saturday:  pure barre
Sunday:  rest day!!

umm, so i bet you can't guess my new favorite workout! i can't help it, i love it. i have GOT to run some next week though. i have a half marathon in 33 days. yikes.

ps... i kind of got this idea from lisa. would you all be interested in an online workout gear yard sale link up? i'd be happy to host it and it would work something like this... basically you'd compose a post  on your blog listing any and all gear you're interested in getting rid of (including a picture, price you want, size, condition, etc). then i'd start a link up on my blog so we could all check out each others' gear. like an online yard sale of sorts.

let me know if you're interested and i'll set it up for a week or so away, giving us time to get our stuff together!


  1. Dang you like your Pure Barre! Good for you! I'd love to get rid of some of my stuff!

  2. Ohhh Pure Barre is TOUGH! can't wait to see what you think of the results after really sticking to it like this!!!

    I would have done the garage sale, but just found a group from Mom runs this town where you can sell things