Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What the heck?

Holy crap, what's this new blogger setup? I just jumped on to do a quick post and I have no idea where anything is! Interesting...

So what have y'all been up to? I've been running and training and working and traveling.

I completed a 12 week challenge at the gym which consisted of weekly weigh ins and measurements and monthly fitness assessments (timed plank, wall sit, and half mile run, and push ups to failure). Here were my results:

Weight:  -13.2 pounds
Body Fat:  - 3.1%
Chest:  - 4 inches
Rt. Arm:  -0.75 inches
Waist:  -4.25 inches
Hips:  -4 inches

I am beyond thrilled with these results. I also met all of my goals for the fitness assessment (2:30 plank!!!). A trainer at my gym did this completely on her own time for school project. She was amazing. Our school gym did things like this all the time and I really don't understand why my current gym never does. We got points for various things, and I came in second place! I won 6 personal training sessions with Jessica (the trainer who put all this together). I'm mostly excited but a little nervous for these sessions!

The challenge ended Wednesday and I pretty much took a week off from tracking my food. I kept working out  (because I've gotten to where I feel like crap if I don't) but I wanted to give myself a break from the calorie counting. I've hit a little plateau and I wanted to get my mind right before starting back hardcore. Today was my first day back counting.

I trained legs this morning and then did Ab Ribber X tonight with a little bit of yoga.

I do love me some two a days.

We went to KY this weekend because one of Brad's cousins was getting married. I got up Saturday morning to go get my LR done and realized I'd packed everything but a sports bra, which unfortunately is a deal breaker for me. So we had to pick a new one up at Dicks and I ended up running 7 miles on Sunday morning instead.

What did you do this weekend? 
Do you ever do two a days? How often?


  1. Nice results! You obviously worked very hard at it. So good to see success!

    I am not liking the new Blogger interface yet either.

  2. Great job! So exciting to win some personal training sessions! I would love to do 2 a days, but it's hard to fit it in with my kids baseball schedules right now:( Maybe this summer.

  3. wow girl!!! you are rocking it!!! congrats on your amazing results! you are working so hard!!!!

  4. Awesome job!!!! That's awesome! Your shirt is also awesome!

  5. I am so proud of you Courtney for kicking butt with the gym challenge! You look amazing and I know you must feel great too. You can still switch over to the old interface for a little while longer by clicking the wheel in the top right and selecting it from the drop down menu. I used the new interface when they first introduced it months ago and learned my way around but I don't feel quite as comfortable with it yet.

  6. Well, I do 2 a days about 4 days a week but they don't come in the form of running. Like today (since I'm tapering for the Derby Sat) I'll run 2 miles and swim an hour tonight. Other days I'll bike, then run. It's a cluster f in my mind basically. I think I run on auto pilot! :)

    I love that shirt! Pink is your color!

  7. Those results are awesome! You look great. I suck at two-a-days. Actually, I suck at one a days right now : )

  8. Great job and awesome for getting second place!

  9. That shirt is awesome! I may have to pick one up too :-) I do 2 a days 3-4 a week but that's because of triathlon training.

    Congrats on the challenge. Those are some impressive results!!!

  10. You look great!

    A plank for 2:30!! That's hardcore. I can maybe do a minute and that's with my arm shaking really bad. Great job :)