Saturday, April 14, 2012

Run The Bluegrass 2012::: Race Review

Race #2 of 12 in 2012

Two weekends ago (I am such a procrastinator) I ran two half marathons in two days. On Saturday March 31st I did the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Our basketball team had a huge game against U of L to advance to the Final Four so I experimented with iron on letters and made what I thought was a pretty bad ass shirt!
Brad was my official photographer, so I actually have some pictures from the race!
My thoughts going into this race we all about getting through it fairly conservatively so that I would be able to walk/run the next day. I had heard horror stories about the hills so I was nervous but I was excited to be racing in Kentucky and I was super excited to meet several blog friends!! 

I picked up my packet the morning of the race and was REALLY pleased with the shirts. Nike Dri Fit and women sizes!!

The temperature was perfect for running, cool and a light mist. The race started right on time [with George "Bucky" Sallee playing the bugle like he does at Keenland!!!] and sure enough, there were plenty of rolling hills [the Asheville Citizen-Times Half was way worse though]. I quickly adopted a walk the hills, run the rest plan. 

The course was BEAUTIFUL! Horse farms, bluegrass, beautiful homes, horses everywhere... LOVED it. The course support was amazing and there were plenty of water stops.

Around mile 10 I realized that I was way ahead of my normal time, so I decided to bust it and try to get a new PR. Brad was waiting for me at the finish line and got these pics:
Starting to kick and this guy in the yellow came up and was trying to pass everyone!

Time to dig down deep!

I'm not usually this competitive but I did not want to let him beat me!

I'm too busy trying not to die sprinting to smile!

Not smiling now, is he?!? CHICKED!

I might look like a hot mess in these pics, but I was not about to let him beat me!! 

FINISH TIME:  2:22:25 **NEW PR**

Overall:  1039 of 1500 (69%)
Age Group:  94 of 146 (64%)

I am SO PROUD of my new PR. Couldn't be happier! 

After the race we were in a huge hurry (I didn't even have time to shower before we had to pack up to head to Knoxville to pick up my packet for the Covenant Health Half Marathon) but I did get some ice cold chocolate milk and of course my medal. 
This is by far my favorite medal so far!!! I love the blue and white ribbon and the horseshoe! 

I would definitely run this race again, I'll actually be really sad if I don't get to next year! I was originally supposed to run with my friend, Becca, but a foot injury sidelined her. Next year I hope we can run together!!

The organizers did a great job with this race and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging but beautiful course!!

Showing off my awesome double pouch iFitness belt. This thing is a lifesaver and truly the best running belt I've ever used. iFitness is sponsoring 12 in 2012 and gave us all single pouch belts. I bought the double right before my first half. 
I love both belts but like the single for long training runs and the double for long races. Just because it holds more and I like to have my phone to take pictures!


  1. AWESOME! Congrats on the new PR! I am still bummed that I missed you at the finish!

    I am contemplating doing the Asheville Triathlon in July. I will decide for sure after seeing how the Atlanta Irongirl goes in May.

  2. OH & I love that last picture of the dude in yellow! Hilarious!

  3. WOW Great race Courtney and WOOOOOHOOOO chicking an old guy AND getting a PR :) YAY!!!!

  4. Great job on your new PR and really pushing it at the end! I love all the great pictures!

  5. Congrats on your PR! That's awesome! So funny that you were so determined to beat that guy at the end of your race because I did the same thing in mine a few weeks ago lol :)

  6. great job!! love that you have photo documentation of your chickin'!! even though i'm not a KY fan, they totally deserved the win and love your race day support shirt! oh, and one more thing - i've now added this race to my list of potentials for 2013 haha.

  7. Awesome job! The look on that guys face is so priceless!! I love it:) Way to chick him.

  8. Congratulations on a new PR! Great pictures by the way!

  9. super cute iron on, although would look better in KU colors :)

    great job on your PR, you are rocking it!

  10. I love love your iron on and the last picture of you passing the guy!! Glad you beat him ;) and Good job on your PR!!

  11. HILARIOUS! I'm so glad you beat that man! He was getting an attitude! We still need to get Liz and Katie to run a half!

  12. Congrats on the PR! I love my double iFItness belt. And I would say that even if they weren't a sponsor :)

  13. Hooray for a new PR Courtney! That is so exciting. I have a feeling that won't be the last PR you set this year! The course looks beautiful. I am thinking about doing this one next year.

  14. Woohoo for a PR! You look GREAT in the photos, too. That is an amazing course!

  15. Courtney, thinking about running this race. Just how hilly is it?

    1. chad i didn't think it was bad, i'd call the hills rolling. my opinion may be skewed though because my first half was mountainous. you should definitely do the race, i cant wait for 2014!!

    2. I ran my first half in Cincinnati at the Flying Pig, which has a 3 1/2 mile continuous up hill. I hated it. I live in northern kentucky, which tends to be rolling hills and it isn't too bad. Not my favorite terrain, but it is better than the constant up hill. Thanks for the input.

    3. yeah i've done the pig half twice and i hated that hill. RTB was nothing like that!