Friday, June 17, 2011

Just a typical Friday grocery run at 730am...

This morning I had to get up super early (for a day off) and run errands before leaving for KY. I had a hair appointment with my awesome aunt at 2pm so I had to get going. On the agenda-- Weight Watchers weigh in, grocery store, and pick up breakfast for my silly face husband who was in bed the whole time!

I lost another 0.8 lbs. Not awesome but a loss none the less (is that all one word?). Then I treated myself to Panera for breakfast. I made smoothies to go with.
If I was a good wife I woulda taken this up to B-rad in bed... But I'm not so I woke him up by throwing a pillow at him instead. Mature, I know.

While my cinnamon crunch bagel was delicious, the best part of my morning by far was taking this buggy (yes I'm from the south and they aren't shopping carts) through the checkout:
Awkward much?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. hahaha. Did the person at the check-out ask if they could go home and party with you??

  2. she just raised her eyebrow and said, looks like quite the party!