Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ToughMudder what the...

So my little brother (four years younger than me but an ELITE powerlifter, so not so little) is trying to talk me into doing this bad boy with him. Electrocution, really??
I think it looks pretty awesome and I think it would be so fun to complete this with my brother. He won't do races with me because he says he'll get bored. The down side is that the closest one is in Virginia, about 6 hours or so away. And it's expensive! So I can't decide.

I got to googling to see what other races are out there like this one. I found two near me: 
The Gauntlet is in Boone, NC on Sept 24. That's about 2.5 hours from me. The Warrior Dash is in August and it's in NC as well. I really wanted to do the Warrior Dash but we'll be in Hawaii that week. Yeah for HI, boo for not being able to do this race.

What do you think of these obstacle course/mud runs?
Ever ran one?

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  1. like you saw on my blog, my hubs is doing one in november (its in bloomington, indiana i think).

    more power to those that do them...i think they are CRAZY!