Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirsty Thursday... And playing fantasy football in the same league as your husband may lead to divorce.

So today was my Friday at work. Thank God. I can't even begin to explain to you how horrible Tuesday was. But anyways, nothing a little liquid deliciousness can't fix.
The bear was trying to steal it. Stinker. Then he tried to steal my curly fries. Anyone noticing a trend? It's a good thing he's cute.

Are you ready for some football? Our little house is consumed. As you can see it's on the TV. And B-rad is jocking my laptop. I swear, when football season starts he is a lot little psycho. I'm talking TV on (usually the channel that shows like 6 games at once), laptop on, iPhone on. You think I'm kidding. Sunday is a long day at this house, especially if the Bengals lose. And if you know anything about then Bengals... Well. Yeah.

I play in a fantasy league with Brad and his guy friends. My first year playing with them I kicked their trash and took first place. Last year I came in second. (The year in between I sucked it up big time). Anyways, we take it seriously and talk a lot of smack.

Long story short, Kentucky's Randall Cobb was drafted by Green Bay and he's having a heck of a first game. I was going to pick him up but Brad was hogging my laptop of course. Do you know that turd picked up him up first? Rude. Guess who's sleeping on the couch?

Oh and by the way, Stefanie is featuring me on her blog (RUN ON) today!! Go on over and check it out. I've been stalking her blog for awhile and you probably should too! She's hilarious and has a yellow lab. What more do you need to know? :) THANK YOU Stefanie. Please bring Winston to NC to play with Riley asap.


  1. Arby's curly fries sound DELICIOUS right now!!!

  2. You go girl on the fantasy footbal league, show them boys how to do it!

  3. FOOOOOOTBALLLLLLLLLL! best time of the year. omg. and my riley has been stealing all my good food lately. she thinks she is soooo cool. punk. haha!