Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Miler, Ice Bath Blunder, and the Key to a Happy Marriage

I was almost too excited to sleep this Friday, so I can hardly imagine what kind of basket case I'll be next Friday. I was so pumped to get up and run 10 miles. Crazy right? I've never run double digit miles and I wanted an awesome run to make me forget this run. Let me just tell you,

it was amazing.

I had a cliff bar and some G2 before running and I stopped once at 6.2 miles (paused Garmin) to have 3 shot blocks and some water. I am PROUD to show my Garmin this time:
Hells yeah. 10 miler dominated.

However Saturday was set up to be a day of firsts, and while I was very successful with the first, the second was an epic fail.

I happen to be an ice bath virgin. I never thought I was running enough to need one. But I'm reading Kara Goucher's book right now and she says you should at least do one after running 10 miles. So okay, I can handle that.

So let me just share a helpful hint that my BFF Kara failed to mention: You need a shit ton of ice. AKA:  What kind of idiot thinks that she doesn't need to stop and get ice when she knows good and well she made 3 batches of margaritas the night before??

This is what I was working with. NOT SMART.

So I sent this downstairs to Brad:
And he loves me so much that he paused the UK game and went and got me two bags of ice. (If you notice our conversation from the night before, you'll see why our marriage works. I bring him beer, he brings me ice, it's a win, win!)


  1. Congrats on the 10 miles! It may just be me but "shit ton" sounds like a lot of ice! And since I too have been inspired to try an ice bath by KG, I'll keep that in mind.

    Have a great week!

  2. haha i read the first convo before the picture of the ice bath - that sounds like my relationship :)

    congrats on the 10-miler, and maybe my lack of ice baths led to my injured legs haha you are a trooper!

  3. Helltotheyeah!! Great job on your 10 miler!!

  4. Cute! So glad to hear your 10 miler went so well! I have one in a couple of weeks!

  5. WAY TO GO!!!! I am both looking forward to and scared shitless of my double digit runs!!

    Your texts are hilarious. My husband and I are crazy as well. :)