Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Too Much True Blood and Yogurt? Nahhhh

Sorry I've been MIA. Today is the first day I've run since the ACT Half Marathon. I did 3 miles on the trails with my running buddies that I haven't seen in about a month! It was so refreshing to do a run just because.

I'm trying to figure out what to do next. And I don't mean like what race am I doing. If you check on my RACE page you'll see three races in October. A 5k, 8k, and a half. Think I've caught the bug? Yeah, I'd say so.

Plus I LOVE the fall weather, it's perfect for running.

But I need to figure out my plan of attack. Any suggestions?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't involve sitting on the couch watching a billion episodes of True Blood. Or eating fro-yo three times a day week.

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY?

I'm off to make plan!


  1. hahaha. omg 3x per day. story of my life. october = the best racing month ever. i am counting down the dayyyysss! p.s. i am applying to a bunch of potential internships in NC. not sure if i will get in to any of them. but if i do and i move there...hope you will be there a while so that we can be real life besties. although it will be tough for me to get over the fact that you are a uk fan ;)

  2. Well you can always run and then watch True Blood, best of both worlds! lol
    Just find an easy plan that works for you that's not to pressing since you just got done with a half marathon.