Sunday, August 7, 2016

Catawba Falls Hike

Brad and I were both off on Friday so we decided to check out a local trail. We chose a shorter one because we both had other stuff we needed to get finished during the day. 

Trail details:
Catawba Falls
3074 Catawba River Road Old Fort, NC
Directions:  Take I-40 E from Asheville to the second Old Fort Exit 73. Before the ramp ends, take a RIGHT on Catawba River Road. Follow it to the end (about 3 miles). 

This was a great short hike with the option to really challenge yourself with some technical hiking/climbing at the end. I have no idea how long it was because my Fitbit died and I wasn't wearing my Garmin. I'm guessing round trip maybe 2.5 miles?

Brad continued by himself on the steeper part (heading to the top of the falls). I'm afraid of heights and while I was confident in my ability to climb up, I was not so confident in my ability to rappel down (there were ropes tied by God knows who to assist). He said the view up there wasn't worth all the trouble. 

This was a great, short hike. It had beautiful views, several water crossings, and what looked to be several good places to get in and cool off. I'd definitely recommend it if you're in the area!

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