Wednesday, June 25, 2014

pregnancy rant

oh my goodness y'all... i thought i was getting pretty used to everyone giving me their pregnancy and labor and child whispering advice, but today got me!

background FYI. i got checked at 36 weeks and was 1 cm dilated and not effaced at all. it hurt and i bled for almost 4 days... aka stress for me. i talked to my MD about it and she explained that even if i was 3 or 4 cm dilated and highly effaced, that still doesn't really give you an idea when you're going to go into labor. I had a conversation with MY doctor and I made the decision to not get checked every week since it really doesn't seem to matter in MY opinion. you would think i made the decision to not get a single ultrasound over 40 weeks or something. people are acting like i'm a crazy person.

bottom line, i'll go into labor when i go into labor. don't worry about it! and people telling me "don't give birth on XX date." seriously? seriously?!?!?!

and what's with the people who think just because they've given birth or, hell, even known someone who's given birth, think that my experience is going to be 100% like theirs. c'mon people. i had no idea that i was surrounded by so many board certified OBGYNs who are experts in their field!

end rant. well, for now anyways ;)


  1. Haha love it. You forgot that you know a *little* about medicine so you aren't a complete idiot :)

  2. This drove my sister crazy and I really thought she might hit a stranger during her third trimester!