Friday, June 27, 2014

my ode to friday

fridays are pretty magical period, but in particular, every other friday is my favorite. every other friday i don't have to work and so begin my five days of freedom. i like to take some time to myself, sit down and figure out what i need to get done over the next few days, and figure out what i also WANT to do.

brad is at work, my house is clean, and i get a little time to myself to plot my attack on the day. it's like the perfect mix for my type A personality that deep down loves to relax, but has to get things done to feel like i deserve to relax!

so anyways, today i'm sitting at panera enjoying a cinnamon crunch bagel (no so healthy, oh so good) that isn't toasted or sliced [the girl at the counter asked me twice... then said, so you just want it cold? yes, i'm weird]. and writing to you all instead of writing all over my planner.... whoops.

so enough rambling, i hope you all have an amazing friday and an even better weekend! if you're racing good luck!


  1. I'm a big time planner and I cherish my quiet I totally get it. Sounds fab. Have a great weekend. :)

    Jess @

  2. MMMMMM love that bagel. I hope you're weekend has been great!

  3. That's my favorite bagel to get at Panera and I don't get it sliced or toasted either!