Sunday, November 10, 2013

summary sunday

november 4-10

monday::  pure barre, walked 4 miles
tuesday::  pure barre
wednesday:: rest
thursday:: rest again, whoops!
friday:: pure barre
saturday:: 2 miles with the dogs
sunday:: 2 miles with the dogs

it's been a lazy week for me. i've felt tired all week, so i decided to just listen to my body and take it easy. i'm hoping to get on the bike later today for some cardio, but i make no promises!

i lost a pound a ww this week, i'm very excited for this thursday, i'm really hoping to hit the 15 pound mark! so i didn't buy my favorite seasonal beer when i saw it at the store ;)

lyla is getting to be so BIG!! she cracks us up when she sleeps on her big bed. she ends up working herself off of it almost every time she lays down. silly girl.

and quick reminder.... friday november 15th is the last day to sign up for the holiday bootie buster challenge!! i REALLY recommend this as a cheap and fun way to stay motivated through the holidays! i'm always so sad when it ends and amanda does a great job keeping everything fun and sharing motivation and tips (and there are some GREAT prizes up for grabs!). 

click here to register!


  1. Lyla is so cute!! Congrats on the weight loss!!

  2. That puppy is stinkin' cute :) Nice job passing on the beer, you'll reach your goal for sure!

  3. Congrats on the loss! It sounds like WW is going really well.

  4. Shiner holiday cheer is ALSO my favorite seasonal beer and I ALSO took a photo in the store I was so excited and ALSO didn't buy it... I was ALSO at Kroger as well lol. Overuse of also was intentional :)

  5. You are a rockstar! So proud of you and the amazing things you're accomplishing for yourself. Keep up the amazing work! xoxo