Monday, November 4, 2013

run, run, run (not the fun kind of running)

do you ever have those days where you feel like you go from the moment you wake up until bed? my friday was like that and so was today.

friday was get up, pure barre, weight watchers, hair appointment, back to house to meet guy who was working on our garage, back out to sherwin williams, grocery store, home, unload groceries, clean kitchen, feed dogs, shower, go out to eat with brad.

today was get up, start cleaning house, pure barre, walmart for more cleaning supplies, lunch with a friend from church, back home to clean, out to take dogs to groomer, back home to finish cleaning downstairs (gotta mop while pups are out), back out to meet my friend to walk, pick up dogs from groomers, get home, feed dogs, cook our dinner.

i swear, sometimes it's like i get more of a break when i'm at work! thank goodness i just have a few things to do tomorrow then i plan on sitting my booty on the couch for a nice little rest!

when you have days off do you shove a bunch of errands in or do you actually let yourself relax?


  1. I like to relax but since it's the weekend it sometimes ending up being go, go, go.

  2. Yesterday was like that for me. Then when I do sit down for 2 minutes, my kids get home and my youngest complains that I didn't wash his shoes! When I tell him I was too busy, he said, "why can't you do it now, you are just sitting there on your phone". Kids!

  3. YES!! I have had a ton of days like that lately. I haven't been able to blog (which should be the least of my worries) but between work and the kids and dinner, running, homework, etc, I feel like I'm losing my mind.

    What race do you have picked out next!?

  4. I am the worst about this. If I have a day off I load it up with errands and appointments and end the day needing a vacation day from my vacation day...why do we do that? Next Monday is a Holiday and it's full...but I decided to take the next day off too and I scheduled a spa day that my husband got me for our Anniversary in May. It's about time I had time to use it :)

  5. Whew, that sounds exhausting! I try to cram as much as I can into my Mondays so the rest of the week isn't so crazy. It's tough to balance work, working out, marathon training, and life. Most days I'm tired!