Tuesday, September 11, 2012

rear view mirror:::: august 2012

16 miles.... oh yeah, it was that bad! but honestly, running has not been my priority the past couple of months. my priority has been in the gym and i didn't have any races coming up, so i'm okay with that. september is the month that it changes though, i'm running a half on the 29th [it'll be #7 of 12 in 2012] so it's time to get the running bug again!

i also met another amazing person at lululemon last week, mara. i'm excited to meet up with her [not only because she's so awesome] but because she has a lot of great ideas about the asheville run community. her vision for the local run community is so in line with mine and hopefully we can get something together!

weight training::::
i just finished week 8 of my training plan! it's crazy, but i actually really enjoy it [well except for ab work.. some things never change!]. i like the way clean eating makes me feel, and the workouts make me feel really powerful! who knows, maybe i'll even be able to keep up with matthew at the spartan sprint next year [yeah right!].

the virgin suicides - on my long list of older books that i wanted to read. glad i read it but it was just okay. a little weird but i mean, what did i expect?
the beach house - pretty typical jane green, everything ties up with a neat bow at the end.
cold mountain - really good and also very cool how a lot of the book takes place near where i live.
where we belong - i was really excited for this book, but it was just okay. i really felt like she ended the story just when it got really good. maybe she'll continue it later?
matched - young adult trilogy but i kept seeing it everywhere so when i saw it at the library i scooped it up. very easy to read but it's actually an interesting story. i'm reading book 2 now.

gearing up for my favorite time of year!! love the cooler weather, the football, the pumpkin patch and apple orchard! fall is really beautiful in the mountains, if you're thinking about visiting asheville, now's the best time in my opinion!


  1. Wow, you read a lot of books last month:) Great job! You are way ahead of me on 12 in 2012. I am running #5 on Sunday. Not sure if I will get in 12 half's but it will be my 9th race. Glad the weight training is going well:)

  2. I hate to hear that the new Emily Giffin book was a little disappointing. I can't believe it's already September. The highs are barely above 80 for the next 10 days and that makes me sooo excited. Allan and I are both ready for fall!

  3. I think the only one of those books I have read in COld Mountain, my reading has really slowed down since I had kids! Good luck on your half and great job on the weight training.

  4. You had a wonderful August! So happy to hear you're happy with the weight training. Fall is my favorite time of year.

  5. this really is such a great time of year!! im so glad you had a wonderful August!!