Monday, September 17, 2012

getting back to running

for the past 10 weeks my health/fitness priorities have been completely dominated by the plan that Steve [at] made for me. the breakdown looks something like this:

weight training x 5 days
abs x 4 days
HIIT cardio x 3 days
regular cardio x 3 days

my original plan was to run on the 'regular' cardio days, but when i dove into the plan, that quickly changed. during the first week my mind/body was  mess. the meal plan was such a radical change for me [not that the meal plan is radical, just more that it was the polar opposite of what i'd been doing] that i was worn out for the first little bit. and heaven knows i'm not running the day after leg day... or the next two days!

i've slowly added more running back in, but my longest run in months have been several 5 milers. i wasn't too concerned because my next race was in november and i figured i had plenty of time to get ready. but then i ended up getting off on a saturday that i thought i'd be working... and you know i just had to sign up for a local race... a half.

did i mention it's in two weeks?

my plan is to slowly continue to build on my base, and i WILL walk/run the half. pretty soon i'll begin marathon training and the last thing i want is to be injured because i rushed into a distance i wasn't ready for.

i am very happy to be running more again, and i'm really excited for some fall races!

tell me about your fall races!!


  1. Welcome back to running. You should regain your base quickly with all that other work you've been doing. Good luck at your local half in two weeks. You'll rock it, I'm sure.

    I've only got one race on my schedule right now (can't afford any others right now) - the Really Big Free Marathon on Nov 4th. Well the 1/2 anyway.

  2. Wow is all that to be done in one week?! Intense:) Glad you are getting back to running. I have a half in October, hopefully an obstacle race in November and I still need to pick a half in December. I kind of want to get a 10k in, but they are harder to find. I need to do some research. Excited to hear about your training:)

  3. Well get running girl! I think if you do a couple of long runs that you will be fine. All that crosstraining has to be helping you!

  4. Feels great to be back doesn't it?!? I'm running the Runner's World Half Marathon and Festival Hat Trick next month. 3 races in one weekend with half mary #10! Good luck with training. You're going to do awesome!

  5. Good luck with your half! I'm glad to be back into running longer distances. A break over the summer was nice but now I remember why I love running half marathons.