Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why You Should Never Lift Without Headphones...

So something you should probably know about me since we're all besties... I'm notoriously forgetful. If I don't write it down or put it in my phone, it didn't happen. I also misplace things. I'm a really neat person and everything has it's place, mostly because that's the only way I can remember where I put said item.

My shuffle has been dead for weeks. First I forgot to charge it, then the charger broke, so then it took me about 2 weeks to remember to buy a new charger. Now I have a new charger and I can't find my dang shuffle. YOU.HAVE.GOT.TO.BE.KIDDING.

The point of this story is that I've been training without music. Which apparently is taken as a sign that I'm at the gym to chat. UMM.... NO.

I've had some pretty interesting encounters over the past few weeks, but a guy took the cake this am. The guy  is probably mid fifties, pushing 300 pounds, in a sweatshirt and sweat pants (No judgement, I'm just letting y'all know).

As I walk by, wiping the sleep out of my eyes...
Him:  Good morning.
Me:  Good morning.
Him:  You're like the first person I've seen in here without headphones!!!
Me:  Yeah my iPod is dead.
Him:  Oh. I don't like to listen to music, I'm here to work.
Me:  Yeah, well have a good workout.

Innocent enough, right? Yeah, it gets better.

As I'm walking to the rope he's on a piece of equipment nearby.

Him:  So how's it going?
Me:  (Jokingly) I thought this stuff was supposed to get easier the more you do it.
Him:  (Dead serious) Oh, no. I just gets harder. I'm going to be a body builder when I'm done.
Me:  Oh that's awesome.
Him:  You probably just want to look good at the beach.

The conversation went downhill from there. High points include him "showing me a great move for my abs", explaining to me that he's using 2140794938 million pounds so I'd probably need to use less, and trying to tell me that Columbus, OH is south of Cincinnati OH.
You've got to be kidding me.

I'm charging my shuffle right now. This will not happen to me again!


  1. There are some odd people in the gym, aren't there? I bet you find your iPod now!;)

  2. So hilarious! We are on the same wavelength:) Lesson learned, always bring headphones:)

  3. How odd! I'm afraid my workout would have been VERY short.

  4. Courtney that is hilarious! The conversation would have quickly ended after the comment about the beach.

  5. Wow. Well he is a man, so that automatically means he knows more about lifting weights than you do, right? Bahahahaha.

  6. This is hilarious!!! I'll make sure to never go to the gym without my ipod. Too funny.

  7. Oh that would annoy me so bad! I don't want to chat at the gym, I am there to better find that shuffle girl!

  8. Haha OMG I've heard so many girls complain about guys hitting on them at the gym that don't have head phones. You poor thing. Glad you finally charged your all you have to do is give a head nod and turn the volume up. :)

  9. haha! that is just too funny, i am sorry but yes always have backup!!

  10. Ugh, super annoying!! I would have been so irritated that I probably would have just quit my workout and raced outta there!

  11. Awesome. I guess that's why I avoid the gym. :)

  12. I feel sorry that you constantly lose things. First, you lost charger, then when you had a new one, you misplaced your Shuffle! I can’t imagine life without good music! So, next time, be aware of where you put your things. Good luck!

    -Lakendra Wiltse