Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Country Fried Weekend

Brad totally surprised me last week when he suggested we go see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in concert in Atlanta this weekend. Um... YES!

I'm a sucker for live music of all types, but country music in an outdoor setting? SIGN ME UP. Not to mention, Luke Bryan is pretty.

I digress.

So we bought some tickets and headed to Atlanta on Friday night. Short tangent:  We bought our tickets on StubHub and the seller put the row in wrong. We thought we were getting row BB and they were actually row BBB. StubHub took care of it, found us comparable tickets (row BB in another section) without charging us a cent extra. Thank you Fan Guarantee.

This was the first time we'd driven to ATL from Asheville and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it only took us 3 hours to get there (you know I'm looking at races there now!). We got in around 10pm and headed out to find some drinks.
We ended up at this bar, it reminded me of a lot of bars in Lexington. There were people playing corn hole and just hanging out. There was an AMAZING DJ there, I really wanted to ask if she could make me a playlist for all my races but I didn't want her to laugh in my face.

Saturday we got up and did some shopping. The mall we went to had a Nike Running store. Just running. LOVE. I got some sunglasses that I'll take a picture of at some point and share with you all. I ran 10 miles in them today and they didn't budge.

Then we went to Rosa Mexicano for an early dinner. We ate at the one in NYC and knew we had to eat here! They're famous for making guacamole right at your table.

And for their pomegranate margaritas. Heaven.

Then we went back to get ready for the concert.

Brad wanted to make mean faces. Don't ask me. 

Brad cracks me up by the way. I was off Friday while he was at work so I went to the store. He told me to get some beer to drink before the show. Direct quote, "Get some beer, we can be as redneck as you want." Does he have any clue who he's talking to? Sometimes I wonder.

You're looking at my favorite summertime beverage. Bud Light Lime.

Anyways, we had a great time!
Sunday we had to get up and head back home. I got a quick 4 miles in on the hotel treadmill.

i was sweating BLL big time. but once i got started i actually had a great run!
What did you do this weekend?

What's your favorite kind of music?  I love pretty much everything, but there is just something about country music in the summertime.


  1. That sounds like a fun concert to go to. Glad you guys had such a great time in Atlanta. I will add that Atlanta is only 3 hours for us too so if ever you want to meet up there I'm down for a mini road trip. Are you planning a trip to KY this summer?

  2. I love watching any live music as well. My favorite music is rock and alternative. Since I've started running I've been getting more into dance and anything with a good beat.

  3. Love Luke Bryan!! He came in the office the other day and is SO nice. Plus I just love his hip movements in "Drunk on You"...yeeehaw! ha.

  4. I LOVE guacamole!! Finger licking good :)

  5. What fun! The guac looks amazing! I can listen to pretty much any type of music except rap.

  6. Fun! Glad you had such a great time and way to get your run in:)

  7. I love your pictures!!! I think you're right....there is something about country music in the summer time. Especially Red Solo Cup.....proceed to party :)

  8. Any Luke Bryan fans out there? Just snagged some front row tickets when he comes here this fall...really like his music, but haven't followed him much, hoping he puts on a good show!