Saturday, August 13, 2011

Epic Friday Night and The Money Shot

So last night was probably the most epic Friday night in the history of Friday nights... Brad and I cleaned our wreck of a house (seriously, it was so bad it took like 3 hours) and went to the gym. Hey, at least now we know a time when the gym isn't swamped with meatheads (sorry Jersey Shore has started again!). Just OCD running geeks that think "my training plan calls for 2 miles, I must run 2 miles."

This morning I *planned to get up at 7 to get my LR in. (*actually got up at 9)

I ate an apple with some PB and chased it with Powerade Zero (quick tangent have you all tasted the full fat Powerade Strawberry Lemonade? sooo good.) I drove out to Fletcher Park and started my 8 miler. The first two miles flew by, and I was really happy and confident. I had a lot on my mind because 8 miles is kind of a big deal to me. A big deal in that, dang that's a long way! And a big deal in that both times I've trained for a half, I've quit after running 8 miles. So I did a lot of reflecting and it made the miles fly by.

I stopped for water at 3.5, shot block at 5.5, water and shot block at 6.2 and water at 7. It was really starting to warm up at the end and the sun was coming out (it had been cloudy so of course I had no sunscreen on), so I circled back to a part that was in the shade and ran there.

There were a lot of people out today and a bunch of runners. It was great because I kept passing one man and another lady (we were running opposite directions) and we encouraged each other each time. I love that camaraderie!

It feels so great to hit this milestone because I know I'm not going to stop, and I know I'm going to finish the half. (I promise I'm not moving in this picture, I'm stopped).

This is the most unflattering picture ever. So Riley joined me to bring the hottness to the party. He's the model in the family.

After I forced Brad to take these pics, I was walking away to go shower to go blog, and he says "I really like those pants." Which FYI this is a small miracle because for whatever reason he hates capris. I said thanks but if you think they are cool looking, check this out. Then I proceeded to pull my shot blocks out of a little pocket near the booty. I was expecting him to be like oh that's so cool... What did I get?

"Eew butt blocks. I hope those things are sealed up real good." Thanks turdface.
I take back what I said earlier, THIS is the most unflattering picture ever. The things I do for this blog.

What are you doing this weekend? I'm trying to get Brad to go mountain biking with me. And my parents are coming over later this afternoon!


  1. Great post!!! I think that is one thing I will enjoy the most is the camaraderie with runners!

  2. Hahaha! Butt blocks. Lol.

    Love this post!! Congrats on your 8 miles!! :)

  3. Love the post! Congrats on your 8 miler and I am glad it went well. You will for sure finish that 1/2


  4. 8 miles is a big deal to me too. :)