Sunday, October 13, 2013

summary sunday

october 7-13
monday:  pure barre
tuesday:  pure barre
wednesday:  rest day
thursday:  ran 3 miles
friday:  pure barre
saturday:  rest day
sunday:  whoops, another rest day

i'm feeling a little under the weather (just stuffy nose/headache) so i took it easy this weekend. my parents were also able to run over for a quick, last minute visit so i'd obviously rather hang out with them than go run! i also got in touch with the cherokee harvest race director and i'm dropping down to the 5k next weekend. i hate to drive so far for a 5k, and i thought about just deferring. But this race has the best swag, and i do want to show my support because i think it's a great local race. you get a lot of bang for your buck, it's a beautiful course, and they really put on a great race. 

friday was our 5 year anniversary and brad stepped up and spoiled me rotten. we both had to work all day and saturday, but we went downtown to eat a really nice dinner at limone's. we discovered it during our staycation week and wanted to go back (short rib nachos... i die). i have got to start doing posts about all this great food in asheville. it's a small miracle that i don't weigh 300 pounds. 

in related news, i sucked up my pride and re-joined weight watchers last friday. i had my first weigh in this week and i lost 4 pounds. i'll have a post tomorrow discussing more about why i decided to do this. 

i hope you all are having a great weekend, i'm off to do some grocery shopping and food prep!


  1. Yay on losing 4 lbs. I need to do something...

    1. thanks christa! it's a drop in the bucket right now, but at least it's going down instead of up! part of the push i needed to join WW was a woman i work with. she joined a few weeks ago and we'd always ask how she did each week. it was always a small amount, but those add up and two weeks ago she came in and was like i'm at 10 pounds! that got me going! :)

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary to you guys! It sounds like you and Brad had a great time celebrating. Those flowers he got you are beautiful!