Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 goal check in

2013 is more than halfway over, where does the time go? i thought it would be a good time to revisit my goals for the year... making some realistic adjustments and maybe even adding some new things. 

i feel like it's a constant battle for me to keep some sort of balance in my life. sometimes i kick butt at work but my home is a wreck. or my house is clean and i haven't exercised in 4 days. or i'm killing it in the gym but i haven't had any quiet time with my Bible in a week. 

i also overextend myself and set my goals higher than what might be realistic. i think this is another place to strive for balance... i want to set them high so i keep myself working and striving for better. but i don't want to set them so unrealistically high that i finish the year and don't feel like i accomplished anything. 

.: running :.
  • finish a 30k to celebrate turning the dirty thirty [completed 1.13.13]
  • run a sub 2 hour half marathon
  • run a sub hour 10k 
  • finish a full marathon [completed 3.3.13]
  • maintain my mileage around 15-20 miles per week after the full. 
when i made my running goals, i didn't feel like i was being unrealistic. HOWEVER, i totally underestimated the effect the full marathon would have on my body and mind. mentally, i wanted to run, but my body didn't want any part of it. i was physically exhausted and injured [spartan race]. when my body started to come back around, my mind wasn't there. i didn't even want to run the trails as the weather got better, big red mental burnout flag. 

sub 2 hour half is not happening this year. i know i've got a sub hour 10k in my (i ran a 1:00:00 in january as a part of of a training LR) but i'm not worried about it right now. my goal is to start running routinely. i want to find my running happy place again. kind of vague, yes, but that's my goal. 

.: weight training :.
  • after the marathon, get back to a full out finess poynters plan [i've been doing a modified plan while my mileage has been increasing]. [back on track july]
  • i don't really care about lifting PRs, i mostly want to get back to the consistent schedule that i was in before i started bumping up my mileage. 
i just finished week 6 of my plan. it's been so nice to get back to lifting, it's something i truly enjoy. but DANG i hate the gym. it's impossible to get in and get out without someone bothering me or brad. i hate to be a dick, but i am not at the gym to talk. i'm there to work and go home. we already wait around an hour or so to go (less people so less time waiting on the equipment you need) but that means we are up until midnight-1 am most nights. there's got to be another option. yesterday a business associate of brad's stopped him for almost 30 minutes! 

so anyways, back at it, glad to be. but i hate the gym. and by the end of the week i'm sleep deprived. so hoping to find some solution there. 

.: reading :.
this category should have been cake for me. i love to read. unfortunately i enjoy reading crap. why make myself read Ulysses when i can read The Hunger Games for the 18th time. [not that the Hunger Games is crap, but you know what I mean]. 

either way, i'm leaving this goal as it is. this is something i can still do, despite my dismal progress thus far. 

.: spiritual :.
  • join a connect group at chuch [sunday school class] [we're connected!]
  • finish beth moore's 'john:  90 days with the beloved disciple' 
  • pay more attention to where God's leading me. 
i'm actually pretty good here. i failed to update it, but i finished the beth moore book in april. for the rest of the year, my biggest goal is to make time for the Lord in my day to day life. make time to read the Word. make it a priority. 

.: everything else :.
  • limit computer time to 30 minutes a day on work days, an hour on any other days. [i'm doing pretty good on work days, but with blogging and other responsibilities, an hour just isn't cutting it when i'm off]
  • lose the last 5 pounds... then MAINTAIN. 
the first goal was crap chute. the intention behind this goal was to reduce time i spend wasting on the internet. for whatever reason, that has decreased. 

weight loss maintenance merits a whole post on its own. my goal for the end of the year? get my butt back to where i was last december. 


  1. a marathon does take a lot out of a person! it took me months to feel back to normal. maybe if a person runs them all the time it is different I am sure. Looks like you are doing pretty good really with your goals!

  2. I'm constantly trying to balance everything in my life. I feel like I have a good handle on things now, but it's summer vacation and I'm only working minimally.

  3. Striving for balance is a constant struggle and I can relate to feeling as though I'm doing great in one area and yet the house is a mess. Then the house is clean but I haven't run or worked out in days. I need to buckle down and put myself on some sort of schedule to better utilize my time during the day.

    Glad to see you're making great progress on your goals so far this year! I know you'll do a wonderful job with everything else for the next five months.