Wednesday, March 6, 2013

pictures from the asheville marathon and a pro compression winner

they just posted the pictures from the marathon, i'm not that impressed.

when i think of running my first marathon on the biltmore estate, i'd like a good picture of me running with the biltmore in the background... but no such luck. there were photographers on both sides but apparently only one of them was the official race photographer. i was looking at the wrong one.

this is one thing that i think rock and roll does really well... the race photographers are in bright orange or yellow vests. you know who to look at. and when there's a big landmark they even have stations set up where you can run over and get your pic taken [las vegas sign].

but anyways, there you go. i'm working on my recap which will probably be the longest post i've ever done. i apologize in advance :)

and what you've all been waiting for, the winner of the pro compression socks is:::
christy email me what size and color socks you want, plus your address and i'll get that over to pro compression. a big thank you to all of you all for entering [apparently you all LOVE pro] and thanks to pro compression for offering a pair of socks for this giveaway!

if you want to order some pro compression, use the code MARCH for 40% off and free shipping. plus you get entered in a giveaway that they're hosting!


  1. Congrats to Christy! I know she loves Pro Compression socks.

    I like your pictures!

  2. Love the second shot! Great smile :)

  3. YAY!!! I'm so glad Christy won!

    I like those pics!! I still can't believe how cold it was!!! You're smiling at the finish though! That's a good sign!

  4. Congratulations Christy! I know she is going to be excited. I hate you aren't thrilled with your pictures but I know what you mean. I wanted a great race photo for my first marathon too. You certainly do look happy in all the photos!

  5. Love your photos! You look shockingly happy lol especially compared to the guy next to you on the last two photos. It's a bummer you didn't get the photo you wanted though. I wonder if the other photographer was for the citizen times?

  6. Those are pretty good pictures but I agree I would have wanted more with the Biltmore Estate in the background too!

  7. Congrats Christy! You look way to cute in your photos! You are smiling in every single one!!