Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Best Friend Has A Tail... and I Need Your Help!!

Can I just tell you how much I love this guy?

Riley and I went hiking on Tuesday and we had such a good time. He even got to play in the creek. Isn't it crazy how our pets just 'get us?' I swear, maybe I'm crazy but it just warms my heart when he gets so excited to do anything with me. He's happy lying near me if I'm being lazy or he's at the ready if I grab his leash.

I mean, seriously. He has a perfectly soft bed less than 10 feet away, but he'd rather be in the room with me while I'm on the treadmill. Love. Him. 

So I need your all's help! We're going to NYC in December and hotel rooms are CRAZY. We've been looking on VRBO and have found some more reasonable places to stay, but none of them have gyms and we really want to be able to lift while we're there. What do you suggest? Buy a week pass for a gym? Any gyms you all have been to? 



  1. Now that IS a true friend. Lucky you! He is a beauty.

  2. Yeah, get a week pass! Most gyms have them!

  3. My best friend has a tail, too, but my husband is a close 2nd. LOL.

    Good luck in finding a place to stay in NY. I lived there for bit several years ago, but alas, I've got no advice for you. :( The week pass sounds like a good idea, though

  4. Riley is such a cutie! He reminds me so much of Lucky. No idea what to tell you about the NY trip. My birthday is December 21 and I'm seriously thinking about going to NYC for my birthday weekend.