Monday, July 9, 2012

Firecracker 10K:::: Brevard, NC

firecracker 10k
brevard, north carolina
july 4, 2012
1:08:30 (PR)

on wednesday i got up early to head to brevard to run the firecracker 10k. when i ran this race last year it was my first 10k and i love holiday races to i really wanted to do this one again this year. 
i was also really excited because i found these nike shorts a couple months ago and knew they'd be perfect for a 4th of July race. i've never raced in shorts before... this will come into play later. 

this was my first race in my wave rider 14s (i'd been running in the ruby red 15s but they've got too many miles on them now). i am not digging the white shoes. they have a little pink and black on them but i think i got used to the bright colored ones. unfortunately for my vanity (but fortunately for my wallet) i have another pair of these exact shoes in my closet because i found them for $39.99 at TJ Maxx. i think i'll get some bright shoelaces or something to make them more fun and break up the white. 

i was excited when brad got up to come to the race with me. i know he'd rather have slept so it meant a lot to me when he got up (i didn't ask him to). 

anyways, back to the race. the rotary club puts this race on and i think they do a great job. lots of little old men with big smiles on their faces! love them!

there was a 5k race also. i thought there was a pretty good crowd for such a small race. there were 109 in the 10k and 316 in the 5K.

it was still fairly cool when we started and they'd changed the course from last year (less hills this year) so i was feeling pretty relaxed and looking to hopefully bust out  a new PR. and then i started running.

quick side note:  i don't know if you all have noticed or not, but i only race in capris or tights. these legs are not made to run in shorts. but obviously i wanted to wear them because they're cute and colorful. and i figured it'd be hot. and it's ONLY 6 miles. right. 

so, you know where this is going. i wasn't even a half mile in when the chafing started. and it was misery. i was having to take walking breaks just because i felt like my thighs were on fire. i was pretty sure if i looked down that my skin would be peeling off (i never exaggerate). 

so needless to say it went downhill from there. my mental game went to a really crappy place and i started thinking to myself... you're struggling to run 6.2 miles, how in the world are you gonna run 20 plus this? not good at all. i was extremely happy for this race to be over. 
i did manage to put a smile on my face for the finish and brad got a couple of pics of me.

you live, you learn. i won't be racing in shorts again (unless i've run the distance in them before). i won't disrespect the mileage. i will get my head in the game. 


  1. You do look super cute, but not worth it for chaffed thighs. OUCH! I never run in shorts either, capris all the way baby! Way to make it through the pain:)

  2. I totally know the chaffing thing! It was like 100 degrees a few weeks ago and didnt cool down at dusk so I went running and ouchie the chaffing occurred and I never realized how bad that felt, I cant imagine keeping that up for 6 miles and getting a PR! good job and sorry for your pain, I feel you!

  3. Congrats on the PR! And you did it despite the pain (and heat)!

  4. Ouch!! been there, done that! I'm the same way, I always have to run races in capris or tights...just feels better on the thighs! Hope you aren't too chafed!

  5. Ahhh! Sad the shorts didn't work out! You really do look so perfectly festive! Congrats on the PR!

  6. Girl!!! Let me tell you, I know ALL ABOUT thighs rubbing together!! I have burned myself ten kinds of good wearing shorts while running! My legs have gotten thicker since cycling and now it's worse! I feel for ya!


    Congrats on the PR :)

  7. oh the chaffing! it is terrible. you glide!

  8. Oh no! Sorry about the chaffing, that sucks! Great time!

  9. Congrats on the PR! This is exactly how I felt about the Nike running skirt I wore for a 5K in May. It's only a 5K-those were my famous last words! Love your new Mizunos-I almost bought the same ones at TJ Maxx too but I already have 2 pairs of Wave Rider 14's so I put them back.