Thursday, June 7, 2012

Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon Recap::: Ridgecrest, North Carolina::: #5 of 12 in 2012

downhill at dawn half marathon::: ridgecrest, north carolina
half mary # 6
race# 5of 12 in 2012
time:  2:06:10 (PR)
division:  20/31
overall: 207/361

packet pick up:
You could pick up your packet either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning before the race. I had never been to Ridgecrest and didn't know what to expect, so I drove over on Friday afternoon to pick up my packet. It was not crowded at all and it was very easy to find thanks to all the wonderful signs and volunteers. I was greeted at the pick up and got right in and out. Everyone was super friendly! The race shirts are very nice long sleeve tech shirts:

I thought it was really odd to get  a long sleeve shirt for a June race in the South, but it ended up being CHILLY and I got to wear my shirt all day Saturday after the race!

race morning:
My 4am wake up call came way too early! I did not want to get out of my warm bed! I got dressed and had my usual Clif bar with G2. I took care of Riley and headed out. Brad was off this weekend but I get the best wife of the year award for insisting that he stay in bed. It was so early and I wasn't sure how many opportunities he'd have to see me on the course. I was finished and back to the house before he was out of bed!

Ridgecrest is about 30 minutes away so I left the house around 445am. I got to Ridgecrest and parked without trouble. It was really cold outside and I felt like a dummy for not bringing my arm sleeves. Didn't even cross my mind (HELLOOOOO it's June), must check weather in the future! 

One odd thing about the race was that there wasn't a real start line. Not even spray painted onto the road. They showed us where to line up and then told us to go! 

The first 1.5 miles was downhill and then 1.5-3 was back uphill. I was FLYING at the beginning and having a lot of trouble finding a good pace. I didn't really settle until after the first water station (Mile 2). Running downhill sounded like a great idea (and it was really fun!!) but it does jar you and jam your joints. Everything also bounces... think bladder and boobs (Under Armour your bra did NOT cut it today!!). I've never had digestive issues during a race until today and that was NOT a good time. Even after the race I was struggling. Haven't quite figured out what I did wrong there. I almost stopped at the porta potties two separate times. I told myself if they were empty I'd stop. Once it was occupado and another by the time I got to it I didn't feel so bad so I kept going. 

From mile 3 on, the course was mostly downhill. Beautiful views of the sunrise, mountains, creeks and streams. I was in heaven minus my stomach issues. The course was well supported with water stops every 2 miles and GU gels and chomps at Mile 8. 

The course measured a little short on my Garmin (a welcome change after the Flying Pig) coming in at 12.86 miles. Between that and all the downhill, I think this PR is going to be tough to beat!! But I do love a challenge!

Here are a couple pics from the course:

And here's my playlist:


  1. You look so strong in that race photo! Congratulations on another PR!!! You are going to be running a sub-2 half before you know it. I'm curious about the WWP shirt in the pic. I've been looking for one of those!

  2. Nice work! Way to PR! Sorry about the tummy troubles. That is normal for me unfortunately. You are an awesome wife to let your hubby sleep in:) I do that too if he isn't running with me.

  3. get it girl!! Awesome PR!!! Sounds like a fun run and I'm lovin' your playlist. I'm a big fan of long sleeve shirts, but have never received one from a SUMMER race! Nice surprise!

  4. Congrats...another half done and a PR!! The first photo is a great shot.

  5. Awesome PR!! Way to go :)
    I've been thinking of trying Yurbuds and my headphones just broke so I think I'm going to order some.
    I'm going to get some of these songs asap.

  6. Congrats on a great race and a PR! I have a lot more digestive trouble running downhill too - too much jostling around (even though I love the faster paces!!!)

  7. Congratulations on half mary number 6! Your race pic is awesome!

  8. Awe you are a nice wife letting your husband sleep in. Congrats on the PR! Thanks for the playlist, I love checking out runner's playlists.