Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Marathon Training Week Two::::

my sweet buddy who loves to come lay by the treadmill while i run!

Recommended Runs:  3 miles (T), 3 miles (W), 3 miles (R), 7 miles (S):::: 16 miles total
Actual Runs:  3 miles (T), 3 miles (W), 3 miles (R), 7 miles (S):::: 16 miles total

Another week in the books! I was really surprised at how well my LR went. I got up Saturday morning to get it in before work and it really flew by! Two episodes of Gossip Girl later (don't judge!!) I was set!

What do you do to pass the time while you run?
What's your favorite 'guilty pleasure' show?


  1. Great job getting all your runs in girl! Loving your sweet buddy:) He is so cute, makes me miss my lab:( I listen to my ipod while I run to pass the time. I have to say my fave show is still Survivor after all these years even though the people get dumber and dumber and the boobs get bigger and bigger. I still love it!

  2. Great week!
    I think I day dream a lot when I mind is almost blank though hahaha. Which is rare, since I overthink maybe that's why I love to run - my time to STOP thinking so much!

  3. Great job with week 2! If I run on the treadmill here then I might put in a movie if I'm planning to run for awhile but if not I just enjoy the run and laugh at the dogs. They still don't know what the treadmill is but they know they don't like it.

  4. Great job on week 2! You are rocking it!

  5. Lately I've been loving that Canada has it's own bachelor! and that those mindless shows are online - so I've been running and watching that. CUTE PUP! and you are solid in your training, so unlike me :P

  6. I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while running outside, makes the time fly by! When I do the elliptical I like to watch TV, favorites right now are Revenge, Nashville, Revolution, and Grey's Anatomy :) Great week with your running!