Friday, March 2, 2012

Rear View Mirror: February 2012

I ran 54 miles this month, up 9 miles from last month. I'm hoping to get up to around 65 for next month and stick with that as an average for a while. I ran one race this month, the Strawberry Plains Half Marathon, where I got a new half mary PR!!!

I read two books this month:
Through My Eyes (Tim Tebow) - What a great book. I'm definitely no Florida Gator but I'm a big Tebow fan. He's fun to cheer for (and fun to look at!) and I love the example he's setting for kids today. It was fun to read about his upbringing and family and a lot of his opinions were really insightful. I'd definitely recommend this book!

The Best of Me (Nicholas Sparks) - I love me some NS books but this one was a little much for me. I thought it was depressing and too predictable. I don't want to spoil it for you if you want to read it, but I'm definitely glad I just bought it on my Kindle vs. hardback. 

I saw four movies this month:  Safe House, Act of Valor, This Means War, and the Vow. Act of Valor and Safe House were my faves. Didn't like the Vow and This Means War was just okay. 

I lost 7 pounds this month, making my total 12 pounds lost since Jan 1st!! Pretty pumped about this and hope to keep cruising along!

What did you do this month that you're proud of?


  1. What a great month! Congrats on the loss this month. That's impressive! I am holding out to find the new Nicholas Sparks at the thrift stores. I have bought all his recent ones as soon as they came out in hardback but I got a bad feeling about this one so it's nice to hear I may have made a good decision.

    I am a Tim Tebow fan. I liked him even when I was at Auburn but then again the Gators never beat us while he was there so that could be part of it. I'll have to read his book!

  2. Awesome job last month! And great job on the weight lose! That can be really tough when running so many least it is for me!

    Are you still doing the Run the Bluegrass? I signed up to volunteer at the start/finish so hopefully we can meet up if you are still running it.

    I was just telling a friend last night that I haven't seen any movies in forever. I really need to change that.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Trying to lose the weight while running is definitely harder than you'd think! I'm still running the bluegrass we should definitely meet up!! That's great that you're volunteering, I want to volunteer for a race this year.

  3. Awesome job on the weight loss and your miles! I am proud that I ran my 1st 12 in 2012 half and pr'd it! Woohoo! I hope March is just as good if no better for you:)

  4. Great Job on the miles & Awesome on the weight loss:)

  5. WOW! congrats on the weight loss! that is awesome! also...had no idea that tebow had a book. i need to look into it. i recently read the best of me anything nicholas sparks but that one was seriously awesome!!!